October 25, 2011


A private car on a siding in Milwaukee. We saw a lot of private cars in our travels this year.

Heroically, I finished the train trip album in two half day stints. This is really good stuff. I sent off three poems to the Writer’s Digest Poetry Contest. That’s a truly monumental step in overcoming uncertainty. Today I need to write a new poem.

Of course, I need to send my other Kay a note saying thank you for the magnet from the Stan Hywet Gate House. She was in Akron and hadn’t realized that Ohio wasn’t all education and farming, it’s also the home of AA. Bob and Bill, the founders of AA, first met at that gate house.

I also need to say no to my book club selections. Yes book clubs still exist, and yes I still belong to the Mystery Guild and the Sci Fi Book Club. I bet if I put Book Clubs into Google, there would be a lot of them. I won’t. Just for you.

Maybe later.

Something in one of my feet is stuck too. It works if I walk on the side of it. Perhaps I should call my neighbor, “Elbow of Death.” Last time she unstuck it by standing on it. Gotta make sure I laugh at myself all day. That’s the best pain med around.


  1. Elbow of Death? I love that! She must be quite a character!

  2. You do know some very interesting people. We must fix our feet and get back to normal!

  3. Laughing is good, but seriously for a minute...
    We are cleaning out all kinds of stuff. What kind of SF do you like? Horror? Fantasy? Vintage science fiction? We are donating piles of books to Good Will, because there just isn't space. I have lots of the vintage stuff, although I got rid of even more. Let me know.

  4. What a productive few days... It has been one of dreams to own a private train car... sigh, I'll just have to be happy knowing that there are others who live like that. It's not possible to own one here.

    Thinking of Kay these days.

  5. As always, you have accomplish a lot......hope your foot can be saved!

  6. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I've been having problems with my feet lately too. Did you know that as we age, the fat diminishes on the ball of our foot offering less cushioning? If that doesn't get you limping, there are myriad other things to send you to the podiatrist! My RA doc just told me to go see one soon; he noticed I'm turning my feet inward when standing or walking. One problems begats another and another and another! Will it never end?! (I think we all know the answer to that, sad to say.)

  7. Congratulations on your productivity!

    One of my sponsees went to Akron and went to see the landmarks. He said it was very moving.

  8. You sound like you need a laugh. I wish I could say something clever to assist you. Dianne


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