November 10, 2011

10 Unmentionables

Yesterday and Today
Himself: They give him 16 wrecks and tell him to do five. Every day he gets all they give him done. It’s all a matter of planning the drive, he tells me.

Herself: Today is the busy day and I am skipping swimming. No guilt. I spent long hours confusing folks about the books, and today I get to help set up for the Holiday Bazarr. Bill is giving me a ride to, and G is giving me a ride fro.

Family: Lessa continues her monumental struggle on with math while getting really good grades everywhere else. Lenora has a test for a job interview today. Granddaughter Sahara got her first portfolio to show her work to her new art teacher. I picked up an art history book that brings me into the 21st century. Progress all around.

Over dinner he said, “You want a topic to write about, try nose hair. Ear hair. Eyebrow hair.”

“Ewwww; Nobody wants to read about that.”

“Growing older. All sorts of things happen,” he retorted. “There are these long white hairs growing out of my ears. I never expected that.”

“I lost my eyebrows…at least the far ends,” I said. “The little, tiny, hairs in my nose drive me mad, mad, mad. You can’t just pull them out…that doesn’t work. Now I have that nice little machine that shaves them away and the incredible itches that make me swipe at my nose all day long too.”

“It’s a ticklish situation there.”


  1. Ear hair is pretty good to - especially for older men.

  2. Bette Davis said, "Getting old ain't for sissies." My eye brows are turning white but my hair isn't so Maybelline has become part of my daily routine! Yikes!

  3. My eyebrows didn't fully return after chemo; I fill in the blanks with a pencil. My chin, on the other hand...ya think maybe those are eyebrow hairs that got lost?

    G is, like me, an anachronism. You have a job, you do it, without excuses. No one taught that to the younger workers.

  4. My eyebrows fell out by half sometime after my 60th b'day, and all the hair on my arms too. However they were replaced by two long thick hairs on my neck and some very witchy chin hairs. Gak! My former husband used to mow his crop, ears, nose, eyebrows everyday. Could be worse! Will it be worse, ha, ha.

  5. David, who has lost most of the hair on his head says it slipped onto his ears.

    Love the plate. Much prettier than the noses. Dianne

  6. That plate photo is so beautiful. Yes, I never had much body hair and now my eyebrows and lashes are very sparce.....
    What's the next topic, belly buttons?

  7. My eyebrows have turned gray and thinned to nothing. I draw them in before I head out because you have no expression on your face without eyebrows! I do get a really nice long hair that grows out of a beauty mark(!) on my face and I pluck that little will die eventually.

  8. Hair disappears where you would like it to remain and reappears where you don't even want to think about it. Nothing in my ears, thankfully, but my eyebrows are gray bushes.

  9. I think my grandmother had those plates. They look pretty in your photo.
    Hair is so unpredictable.

  10. masterful quilter! only YOU can get away with a post of noses and plates and make it look good! xo c!

  11. Well, fortunately, I'm losing some hair that I don't much need. My legs are almost naked. But I could do without the Ya Ya whiskers.

    Oh, and I love me a good sale!

  12. That's true about hair. I'm losing the ends of my eyebrows, too. My husband is getting some longer Andy Rooney type eyebrow hairs and he won't let me trim them. I think he's just trying to aggravate me.


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