November 12, 2011

12 Saturday Snippets

The USS Stennis accompanied by C Tractor 8 enters port.

  • The Carrier Classic: President and Mrs. Obama flew into town Friday for the Carrier Classic held on board the active duty carrier, The Carl Vinson. They set up a court on deck and one on the deck below in case it rained. No rain. Magic Johnson discussed politics with the press and tactics with the teams. Number 1 UNC won and basketball greats mingled on the courts with the crew as the President and Mrs. sat courtside. It was good Veterans day stuff here in San Diego.

  • The Geezer and Mrs. Geezer bravely accompanied Common Cold Captain Poolie to “Sipz” on Clairemont Mesa Friday evening. After a fine dinner of Soy products, they Geocached for an hour or so with himself finding two, and Mrs. Geezer locating one. The Captain obviously let the neophytes find a few….a kindness much appreciated. At home, the Geezer signed up and downloaded the programming to let the Geezers geocache on their own.

  • For months Mr. and Mrs. Geezer have been looking for a replacement nightstand to go on Mrs. Geezers side of the bed. All the night-time comfort things are kept in her now collapsing wicker cupboard. Part of the problem is the size of the space: 20x16 available. A nice, small, green, used wood cupboard has been found but at an astronomical price. We are thinking about visiting it at its store. Maybe it will be on sale.

The Stennis with her tractors in company, makes the turn near her berth.


  1. I just loooove the last pic with the beautiful ocean. What a gorgeous shade of blue!

  2. I am mad about aircraft carriers. Got to get down to Norfolk Soon. Dianne

  3. The most monumental of ships, my heart skips a beat when I see them.

  4. I saw this in the news and thought it was so cool. I am not even a big sports nut, but would have paid good money to sit on that cruiser and watch such a significant piece of history. Are you going to post a photo of the furniture?

  5. I heard about the president on the carrier watching the game. He's now in Hawaii for APEC. I'm not sure how long he'll be here. Good luck on finding that perfect piece of furniture. I'm looking for a cherry desk. Very hard to find the "perfect" piece. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you'll get it on sale.

  6. nice shots, mage. hope you are well.


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