November 18, 2011

18 Friday Fragments

  • He thought he would have to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so he planned his weekend around work. His company has now given everyone a week from Friday off with pay. We are thinking we will putter this four day post Thanksgiving weekend.

  • I’ve been very allergish lately…or sensitive if you want to get technical. The one thing that changed in my life was one med…my hormones. Tho they went from $125 for three months to $30 for three months, nausea and tiredness have cut me back from some of my favorite things….oh, poor me. No coffee, caffeine, and chocolate leave my stomach calmer. Still, perfumes leave me beyond lethargic at work. I remind myself that it’s only two days a week of dragging misery. I’m just going to wait it out and see if my body adapts to the new meds….finally.

  • The Geezer has been looking up cars for grandson. Grandson Aaron got paid for his rollover and is now planning to go to Vegas. Can you follow the grandparent thinking. Grampa Geezer is sending more links to cars and including total costs for purchase, registration, and insurance et al in hopes he doesn’t take all his cash with him. I just have to remind myself that they think they are going to live forever.

  • The quilting stuff is ready for storage. The quilt table can come up to be used in the scanning, or it can go down into storage. G understands I need a surface to work from that I won’t have to clean off every night. Yes, it will get in the way up here, but the quilting table has wheels and that’ll help get it out of the way when not in use.

  • The dining room table can come up to the living room and get used instead of stored. We need to sit down over food instead of sitting in front of the TV. That won’t last long tho as the Christmas tree will sit on it.

  • I took a nap yesterday.

  • I discussed watercolors and water coloring with Bee yesterday in light of an opening at the college where she teaches. Lovely thought, and I would qualify, but no thanks. Going back to painting is next on my agenda tho.


  1. Perhaps you are tired from all the work you do.

    I too hate to break in a new med. Barf. Thinking about you and the grandson who is on his way to Vegas. Dianne

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you paint.

  3. So glad for the extra day. I did the same thing at the museum. To hell with handbooks!

  4. I am not sure I would qualify for anything these days...!

  5. Lovely to contemplate a 4 day weekend for both of you. Hope you have fun and do many things.

  6. That's a great photo, Mage. Have a restful weekend. You are always so busy.

    I'm off to paint doors this morning.

  7. Would love to see you get back to painting!


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