November 2, 2011

2 Anticipation

I’ve been passive about the holidays the last few years. Whatever The Geester wanted to do was fine with me at Thanksgiving. Christmas? I let him decide the color of the tree….which is about it on decorations around here.

When Lessa’s pop said he’d give her gas money to come out for Thanksgiving, she said yes. At that point, I told the Geester that we could do a Von’s take out dinner here or make reservations. Selfishly, I wanted a real, sit-down turkey dinner perhaps shared with a few friends.

For years we have taken part in a pot luck at a nearby recovery club house. Lovely stuff. Caring, loving, and not too organized with the turkey arriving whenever it arrived. We would eat before going. Yesterday, when I went off to the gym, he rejected the Von’s idea and looked up reservations online. As I drove in to the gym and he out, he told me, mano y mano - car to truck, that he’d made reservations at Mr. A’s.


John Alessio, "Mr. San Diego" of the 1960’s is cited as the namesake of Mr. A's restaurant and as a past owner of the Hotel Del Coronado. He constructed the 12 story building in the 1960’s, and he topped it with his crown jewel restaurant Mr. A’s. Featuring a truly wonderful view, Mr. A’s served the usual foods of the fifties and sixties such as Lobster Thermador.

I’d always wanted to eat there. Once I’d gone in but not been dressed up enough.

Bertram Hug, the owner of upscale “Mille Fleurs” in Rancho Santa Fe, bought Mr. A’s. He upgraded the décor and the menu while keeping the friendliness. That made me want to dine there even more.

Last night, just reading the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu over G’s shoulder made my mouth water. Today the anticipation leaves me smiling. What a lovely gift from the Geester.


  1. Sounds lovely. Enjoy every moment.

  2. Congrats on a lovely future holiday!

  3. Drool, sounds deliciousss, preciousss. MMM.

  4. That is truly something to look forward to! Enjoy!

  5. No kitchen to clean? That suits me to a T!

  6. We must decide what we are doing for Thanksgiving too. I am not going to stay home with a frozen turkey dinner again this year. Sounds like you will have a rewarding destination on turkey day. G is a prince among men.

  7. I love your photographic quilts of riotous colors!!! xoxo


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