November 22, 2011

22 Smiles

Mrs. Hartson Gillette Barnum, Mary.

Mrs. Margaret Millicent Hyde.

I’ve begun, and despite a dirty scanning glass, a crotchety elbow, and a slow computer, I’m happy.

Of course there still is a pile of loose images. Although I am sure the last of these have been scanned, I know that the probability that more will creep out of boxes from the garage is high. I scanned the loose images first.

There I found bits of my past, bits of George’s past, and bit’s of my cousins past.,,,who called just as I was scanning two ladies of the Civil War era. Mary is my grandfather’s mother; and is MM her mother? Confusion. I have to look that one up.

Just before I started on those yellow Kodak folders, I found an image from the 1980’s. There are three old friends from my first college with daughter’s in tow. Just seeing this picture again made me smile. Smiles leave no confusions and bring only joy to the day.

Old college friends at an Art Department Reunion: Lia, daughter Lessa, Don DeLlamas, Timothy, and Daughter Lenora.


  1. What fun! That is the coolest project ever!

  2. Wow!! MM looks scary. I would have minded my Ps and Qs with her around.

    Love the shot of the girls. I am beginning to recognize them now. They look really sharp. Dianne

  3. Occasionally I think about scanning, then put it out of mind. You are a hero, in my book

  4. Your family will be so grateful to you for doing this scanning project.


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