November 28, 2011

28 A Blue Tree

We dashed off to the multiplex to see “Hugo” leaving all our projects scatted about as if they were confetti. The joy of getting there early this day was to get our favorite seats. We suffered through the endless children’s movie previews finding one that might interest us later. Once they were over, we found the movie magical.

Paris in a 1920’s winter, a homeless boy, and a magic fairy tale. I shall tell you no more.

We both liked it. Home to bake our Sunday cake….vanilla this week with vanilla frosting. While it filled the house with wonderful smells, I finished over decorating our tiny tree with some of the huge variety of blue ornaments we own.

“I like to see a little tree,” G said as he went off to finish the lights.


  1. How lovely!!! I love it. And I want some of that cake!

  2. It looks great. I love blue decorations.

  3. So glad you liked the film! YAY! I also want to see the Spielberg one. Can't remember the name. Love the tree!

  4. You did a beautiful job. I wish my floors looked half as nice as yours. I have to ask, what do you use the table for the rest of the year? Dianne

  5. How many years now have you had a blue tree. You're always ahead of me! We just brought ours up from storage on Saturday, and it's still waiting patiently to be properly dressed! Glad some people are so organized! :)

  6. Every year your house looks so lovely with that blue tree. No tree up here...yet. Maybe I can twist my hubby's arm during the rainy day tomorrow to bring up that huge old artificial tree!

  7. Only two years of blue trees....and this one is vastly overdone. Yes, I too had to twist G's arm to get things down, but he put all the leavings away all by himself.

    The table. Well....LOL It just sits there being a library table. He would rather sit on the sofa and eat off a tray.

    The decorations are mostly from the 1950's complements of eBay and estate sales with a soupcon of new birds and glitz. :)

  8. Oh wow! That is so gorgeous! You've done a wonderful job. We just finished our tree today too.

  9. I've come back to look at your tree again and see if I could pick up some decorating tricks & tips. Our tree is now up and Hubby's attached the lights. It's waiting for the trim now. I have far too many things I've had for 40 or more years but here goes an effort at least!!!


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