November 6, 2011

6 Tying

Tied African American Quilt from the quilt show at the Mingei, 2011.

  • Sunday Smalls
  • Very sad about Andy Rooney’s death.

  • Could I even remember the coding for bullets. NO. Grrr.

  • Cool movie, “Tower Heist!” Got there early and the theater was full of delighted patrons.

  • Cake made…continuing this for the 7PM meeting till the end of December. My old 1938 Mixmaster keeps on working.

  • Tying

  • Tying 1: Paid close attention to Seedy’s instructions. Found enough of the same colored blue embroidery thread down in the garage to do whole quilt. Found threader.

  • Tying 2: Looked up how to tie a quilt online. Tried the first technique which was twice through one spot, cutting, then knotting. Very correct. Very time consuming. Very difficult with a king sized quilt when you are short on hand eye coordination and own tiring eyes.

  • Tying 3: The next video showed the needle going through one spot and coming back right next to it….then without cutting the embroidery thread, moving on to the next spot. When you are done with a line of stitches, cut in the middle of each stitch then knot.

  • Tying 4: Combine this method with rolling the quilt to keep it out of the way. Control the rolled quilt with bicycle clips, and you have a go. Slow but a go with the knots on the back yet the focus on the join of the blocks on the front.


  1. I have watched women make this type of quilt and it looks tiring. More tiring is making a quilt with tiny little stitches. If you weren't already blind you will be. I have noticed lately that my eyes have difficulty switching from near to far sighted. One day, I suppose I will just get stuck. I hate to lose one or the other. It means giving up reading or being able to see the birds and flowers. Yuck to aging.


  2. This is beautiful! What a lot of work.

    I'll miss Andy Rooney. He was my favorite part in 60 minutes.

  3. My grandma used to make quilts like that. Too bad I don't have a single one anymore.

  4. Lively quilt, really like that. Me too, sorry about Andy Rooney. What a life he had though!

  5. Sounds like you made a good plan with the quilt knotting.
    Yes, Andy Rooney was a great curmudgeon.

  6. I think it's funny how the easiest ways to do things sometimes take just as long as the old way. Tying 3 and 4 would work better for me, but what I'd probably do--and will--if I ever do finish my blue (sampler) quilt, is hire it out to one of those crafters with a humdinger quilting machine. They can do it faster than I can ever finish--so far about 14 years (and still counting)!

  7. look at those colors!!! wow!!! beautiful. so beautiful!!!! thank you!!


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