November 7, 2011

7 Rain Rain

Rain again. We are not used to rain here, and no one is used to driving on the oil slick roads the rain brings.

The Captain drove to “Salvation Mountain,” out in the back country this week. They call it outsider art now, but I used to love the term “naive art.” I thought that described the passionate untrained art that some folks make. She drove home in fog and light rain extolling the magic of it all.

No magic for the cops. Three hundred some accidents a day….always, it seems. No magic for grandparents either. We kept straight non-judgmental faces as the eldest grandson Aaron called to ask for assistance. He’d rolled his car. His first car. Pictures of it are on Facebook and caused the expert grampa G to say it was totaled.

Roses like the rain tho.


  1. I am taking you out to see the mountain, lady!

  2. You lead a wild, crazy and wet life. At least you are dry. Love the roses. I have a few in bloom here, but they are almost gone. All the CA sun is on the East Coast today. Dianne

  3. I like the rain too, especially when I am inside the Rv unit room which has a metal roof...sounds so cozy when you are inside to enjoy it.

  4. Hope your grandson is safe and okay, scary.

  5. Ack.. I hope he's okay. Cars are replaceable.. not grandsons.

    Beautiful rose.


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