November 8, 2011

8 Memory

That memory which I still have lies in rows of grey acid free archival boxes. Year after year of them. Downstairs. In the hall bookcase. There they sit.

Each year I make files in these boxes that hold my medical records, my travel adventures, the cards folks send me….for I love cards, and a Miscellaneous section that takes in all the other orts in my life. Most importantly, now that I know how, I add a CD of my journals and photographs plus my paper appointment pages.

The Geezer has been going out to a Monday night meeting, but nowhere on paper or disc does it record this. I only remembered last night when we were settling in to a little television with the last of the Halloween M&M’s. Unless I write down our daily schedules, I forget what’s happening in the ease of the evenings. No Weight Watchers again this week. I forgot.

Bee’s birthday was the 4th, and she was in Paris and the beaches of Normandy. For some reason, I did not forget either her birthday or that she was returning. Yet the Memory of Weight Watchers flies out the window on streams of chocolate, fat, and sugars. There needs to be a change of some sort.

Doggedly last night I wrote everything in the paper appointment book. The meetings, the swimmings, the hours I’m working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the store this week.

This Thursday, I swim, pick up Cat at the trolley and do poets, and I have a ride to the store at three to help set up for the two day Holiday affaire. G will pick me up in the dark. We will be all set up to open on Friday to a delightful cacophony of shoppers. This is all in the book as well as the fact we will be having dinner with treasure hunt afterwards with the Captain. Even Weight Watchers meetings are now in the book.

Maybe my memory will hold this thought and I will remember to look in the book..


  1. Seems only fitting that you remember the important stuff: meetings, chocolate, picking up Cat, Bee's b-day, and oh, chocolate! :)

  2. So looking forward to our dinner! YAY!

  3. Amazing isn't it, how easily we forget the things we really don't want to do. I've always had that trouble, although mostly my memory is good.

  4. Your schedule seems grueling to me. If you enjoy it that is all that matters. Dianne

  5. When I worked I had stuff on my calendar every day...between the kids and meetings I had to be on the ball. Now there are days all to be arranged by me and so when I have things on the schedule I forget or must check the calendar. It is a pain.

  6. Best part of the week has to be dinner and geo caching with the Captain.


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