November 15, 2011

15 A Cleaver Kind of Day

It was a clearly split day. Unusual. Groceries in the morning and quilting in the afternoon. It was as if a cleaver had whacked the day in half.

I set out, with grocery list in hand, to pick up what we needed for the week. Since Ralph’s was offering all sorts of new-store-opening bargains, I stuck my head in there to see what they had. I’ve got to say, they had more yogurt than I’d ever seen in one store before. Not one brand we eat tho. And the store looks just like the revamped Von’s across the road. So…..

I went next door to Target’s brand new food section. These two stores are in one building, mind you, back to back. They have the Greek yogurt G likes. And they had a Rapps-berry yogurt too. That’s all we needed there. Target won’t make a fortune from me.

Our local grocery store, once an Alpha Beta, supplied everything else, and I came home to quilt. Amorphous leaves turned into surf which turned into fish, and shells among rolling waves. A blue theme for a blue quilt. Then digging through my quilting reference books, I discovered the quilt pundit Mr. James says it’s all right to self bind a quilt. We have progress rather than perfection.


  1. I see you are doing very well with your attempts to post on a daily basis. Great! Keep going!

  2. Timely piece, I am returning to grocery shopping this week, as opposed to delivery. I discovered they had nice little carts you can use to wheel yourself around. I want to do that. Dianne

  3. The description of that quilt makes me crave a photo.....up close and personal.
    Sounds like your grocery story excursion turned into a real trek!

  4. I should show you my sister's quilts sometime. She has quite a collection!

  5. Didn't you always (almost) write a post daily? I've been following you for several years now. If anyone can do it, it's you! The quilt sounds gorgeous!

  6. Seems to me you got a whole lot done. Congratulations! That rose photo is absolutely striking! Wow!

  7. Greek yoghourt is nectar but mostly its low fat hazel nut for me - when I can get it.

  8. I also am addicted to a particular brand of Greek yogurt which my supermarket carries only minimally. It carries tons of the other brands with artificial sweeteners and no fat...Geeze!


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