November 13, 2011

13 A Day of Dough-Mess-Ticity

The Geezer had one of those “A-ha” moments yesterday. There in the paper was the perfect tiny chest. 20x16x 35 in height. Made of recycled, used pallet pine, the newspaper showed a cupboard with four small drawers, one big drawer, and a pull out shelf. Of course, being green, it was very expensive.

On weekends, we have been looking in every thrift store, every yard sale, and every estate sale within driving reach for almost a year. We loved the cupboards we was at the Chinese stores, but not only were they far beyond our budget, they were badly made. I had hopes we would find something reasonably priced that would fit in with our mish mash styled bedroom before the cheap Tar-Jay piece dissolved.

So I we came home with the new piece, and when himself went to work at the museum I moved in to the new cupboard.

Moved the bed to move the old piece to move in the new piece then moved the quilts to go on the new rack out and mended the old winter quilt. Twice. I called Lessa who wants the old wicker piece, called Bee to tell her somebody else bought the ceramic she wanted at the shop, and I did laundry while sewing on the blue quilt before having dinner with our old friends the Feasters. Whoosh.

You know…it was a satisfying day.


  1. It is absolutely perfect! Good finding!

  2. Gorgeous little cabinet...I know you adore it.

  3. Ooooh! I really like that! It's perfect! Lucky you!

  4. Oh I love this chest. It reminds me of the one I bought made of floor boards recycled from an old house. Also love your tiny book shelf and tile. You are so clever. Dianne

  5. Love it, especially the drawer pulls. Looks like a soothing room.

  6. Don't you just love it when a good plan comes together? :)


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