November 1, 2011

1 November Journaling Month

I don’t know the history of NoJoMo, but my educated guess is that it began in reaction to NaNoWirMo…November Novel Writing Month. I can’t even manage to make a decision on the Thanksgiving meal much less write a novel. I will attempt to post an entry a day here just for the fun of it. I write most every day anyway, I said to myself, so why not.

This year I will post some of the better photographs I’ve taken in the last year. If I find myself wordless, there will still be a photograph to fill the space.

Yesterday after the pool, I actually worked for a while on the blue quilt while picking some of the images for NoJoMo. A good balance because lots got done. Much of the year my camera lived in the shop, so I have far fewer good images to share this year. But I found a few.

Yes, I will be reading all of you. Thanks to the Captain, I’m plugged in to Google Reader. Just as Open Diary has its “Favorite’s” List, now the rest of the world has the same option with Google’s Reader. I may not note you every day as I have set myself a deadline to finish the blue quilt, but I will be reading you every day.

Bon NoJoMo to you all.


  1. I declare this National Coffee Drinking Month. NaCoDriMo.

  2. I used to write lots and lots of notes. I finally quit when I started having to make notes to remember where my notes are. My favorite is going to the grocery store; my list is at home; I have to close my eyes and try to read the list in my head.

  3. Good luck with your daily journaling as well as with the blue quilt. Main thing is to have fun!

  4. My problem is I have great trouble deciphering my notes nowadays so when there is no type writer to hand I try to write in block letters.
    I think one of your secrets is to do many things - it alleviates boredom:)

  5. You writem I'll readem. The boat picture gives me water envy.

  6. I love this photo. I tried to imagine where you were to get the shot. Hanging off a poop deck? Dianne

  7. I am such an old fart. I get these great ideas for a post, promptly forget them, and then just write some garbage so readers realize I haven't died...yet! I just love the lines on that boat in the photo.


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