December 11, 2011

,,,and Peas with Pods and Two Deserts

I had thought this store might be a scam. Nope, it was really a Herman Miller store, but with a manager who was half an hour late. We were out in front waiting and could see The Geezers chair boxed on a dolly right inside the door…waiting.

Eventually the guy arrived, and after apologies, let G upgrade to the next fancier chair. We made it home, I took his knock off to the Discovery shop, and G made it to the museum to work only a little late.

Then the museum party. The food was really good. Some poor new volunteer and his wife sat with us, and they seemed appalled at the boozy nature of the gift exchange. Even a opinionated old timer who drank admitted there was more alcohol bottles flowing around this year than last. Last year’s high jinks must have triggered this year’s waterfall of bottles. We brought salt and pepper shaker woodies with surf boards on top. They were wildly popular. Traded three times before we could blink.

We managed to get our hands on two non alcoholic gifts before they were swiftly taken away, and we ended up with popcorn and theater tickets, thank you
Captain for letting G steal these. Sherlock Holmes is upcoming, and we zeroed right on those tickets.

G came home to sit in his new chair, and I found myself dozing over a book and NCIS reruns.

The Captain’s jacket came from the Discovery shop and as did mine.


  1. I had such a good time! You two are so precious!

  2. I really thing I would like your life for a while. You see to have a wonderful rhythm going here.

  3. Yae! Theater tickets are wonderful! Good luck with the chair. I'm trying out doing without a chair. :-)

  4. You posted two of the best photos I've seen of the Capt. Sounds like the volunteer thank you dinner was lovely...and who better to get movie tickets too!

  5. That's some slick chair, worth the wait then?

  6. Glad you got the gifts you wanted in the exchange. Don't you just love sitting in a comfy chair and nodding off? It's one of my simple pleasures. That photo of you is priceless!


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Here are a few of the delightful Steampunk folks enjoying the alternative world the museum offered this night.   So glad I could go.  ...