December 9, 2011


Perhaps we all try for balance consciously or not. That’s what I attempt to achieve during my days. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Yes, I always use a neck strap. This time the camera flew from my hand before it ever reached to my neck. Last time, the neck strap snapped. My hands are obviously out of whack, and I need to rethink how I remove the camera from its bag and how I put it on. Rethinking things is balance.

Himself is in balance these days. He was told he is one of the top two employees in the country. They made a company-wide video congratulating him, sent him a giant bonus…this from the company that sent out $25 bucks the first year, and he even got phone calls beginning, “Hello, Mr. Geezer…”

For a moment he thought he would be fired. Don’t those calls always start like that? Instead the bonus. He’s very pleased, and I am very pleased for him.

Everyday we are grateful that he has a job….that he likes his job. For this I am even more grateful. We see and read of other’s in middle age now laid off and unable to find jobs at all, and we are very, very grateful. I often have thank you moments throughout my day when I catch myself stilled in a moment and filled with gratitude.

Last night, the Geezer grew impatient with the slow start of my computer, and he crashed it. Pushed that button. Kapow. This morning, he discovered that my computer doesn’t like being crashed during start up. Even the system restore wouldn’t work. None of the virus protection worked. Nothing was quite where it thought it aught to be. I’m back now, in business, but while I am off to work today, I’ll run a full system scan. Perhaps deep into system tools, I will dust and wax when I get home too.

Yin and Yang….balance.


  1. Congratulations to the Geezer! It is always nice to have one's talents recognized.

    There are certain tasks I never do standing up. If my hands fail, my lap is the backup.

  2. Wow. When it rains, it pours. I think I would suffer severe withdrawal if I were to lose both my camera and computer, even just for a little while.

  3. Oh, how I love the Geezer! Congrats to you both!

  4. You seem to need more Yin. Sounds like you have lots of Yang these days. Balance is tricky. Straps help, but they are so annoying. Dianne

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  6. What - looking at the comment above?

    Congrats to Mr. glad his employer took the time to give him kudos along with a bonus. That doesn't happen much any more.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your camera's health

  7. Hubby's fingers don't work as well as they used to. He dropped the first bulb that he tried to hang! Red shards of glass everywhere. Wonder if that is bad luck for the New Year? Glad you use your strap and so sorry that you had BOTH camera and computer problems. But the job and bonus have got to make both of you much warmer tonight as you look at your lovely tree.

  8. Good for you, G.....I remember how we all had our fingers crossed that you would get the job.

    Now, they realize that they got a treasure..Isn't it nice that they realize it and reward you?

  9. Yae for Geezer! I hope your camera and computer starts working smoothly again.

  10. Yes, I feel the same way -- so glad my hubby has a job at all. So many don't. Good luck with the computer.

  11. It's a grand thing to have a job in these days, and one that he likes -- lagnaippe indeed! Congratulations on the bonus!


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