December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve (edit)

Duck in costume as a Christmas Tree.

Some adaptation needed for this first day of our Christmas. G is working at the museum. Lessa has a long in the past social worker forgetting problem, so G will go up and get them all after he gets off work and bring them down here. I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets things, but it’s a shame someone’s error is happening to Lessa’s Christmas.

These simple adaptations would have foreshadowed horror stories in the old days. Boy, I would have gotten drunk over this if it had happened to me. Instead of worrying about her side of the problem, Lessa has made the necessary phone calls, run up against the eternal public employee problem of the system being down, and I’m not going to let her wallow in an undeserved pitty party. She had made a brave decision not to drive this holiday. They will fax the papers on Tuesday to get her license reinstated, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be days she will just have to reach out and let other’s help here with transportation.

I’ll pick up the ham, and the Geezer will pick up the family. What more could we all want this holiday eve, December 2011. Later I will take tons of pictures justifying my granddaughter Beth’s statement, “Gramma, you always have your camera.” Thanks to G this holiday, I do.

Lessa's friend doesn't feel well so won't be comiing. Feeling very guilty because of the last minute invite, I asked our cat neighbor to dinner. She will come, and I am very pleased. Now I shall run out and get something for her kitties. She will like that.


  1. Sounds good!!!!! May your holidays be happy despite the bureaucrats!

  2. Good grief. At least the star has five points rather than the six in the costume at my place.

    Merry Christmas, Mage.

  3. Snafus always seem to happen around holidays which means the government closes up shop for a few extra days. Glad you have come up with a solution and that Christmas can be enjoyed with loved ones.

  4. Yes, very important how we handle set-backs. We can make things worse or we can salvage the moment as best we can. Wishing you a better holiday.

  5. Reminds me of the guy who promised to deliver a rental organ for a wedding, but went and played tennis because it was a holiday.

    Horror story at the time, but it all worked out. The marriage lasted in spite of the a capella singing.

    May your Christmas be full of laughter, as you all think of how bad it might have been.

  6. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and G. and your family. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so as I now write, all the Christmas festivities are over!!!! It was a wonderful quiet time with lots of laughter and a few presents and good food. Hope that you have the same as well.

  8. Wishing you blessings in spite of all the challenging. Your grace will see you through. You are one classy lady!

  9. You're a good (wo)man Charlie Brown! I'm thinking of the kitties. As for Lessa, what are family for if not to help when you need someone. I stopped by just to say Merry Christmas to you all!

  10. Have a great holiday Mage and I am happy to hear someone else has forgotten something. We all forget, its human nature I think.

    Love to you and Cheers to
    G and L.

    Looking forward to your posts the remainder of 2011 and in 2012. O am happy you are my friend. Dianne

  11. Glad to know your Christmas was looking up. You are such a wonderful positive person, Mage.


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