December 13, 2011


Christmas Past: Granddaughter M dancing in the Nutcracker. 2004

It’s that time of year for me…..time to backup things from my computer to my exterior hard drive. Time to question what I have and what I want to save.

Do I really need all those out of focus pictures? Will I ever use two copies of my journals from 2009. There are multiple copies of some poems, are these needed? So I will spend some time jiggling things around in Word, in the JPG’s, and anywhere else that looks as if it needs dusting.

My Firefox hasn’t been happy nor has its companion the Mozilla mail program. G’s straightened out the email, but the computer is way too new for all the crashing and tumbling it’s been doing lately.

“Yes, it is, actually,” the Geezer says.

G ran all the anti everything programs, and there’s nothing negative living in my computer. I do have a poem to rewrite for Thursday. Yesterdays errand running took me to the cleaners, Tarjay, and food stuffs. No need to go out in the cold wet weather a second time today. So when I am done swimming I’ll focus on saving my work, writing, and maybe I will fit some scanning in too. These are perfect cold weather things for me to do as I sit in front of the space heater. Maybe finish a book too.


  1. As always your plans for doing so many things in one day astonishes me....and you take great photos too! LOl....

  2. Love this photo. It is almost impressionistic. I must find time to write some poetry. It is a good calisthenics for my brain.

  3. Beautiful young women, love the Nutcracker.

  4. Oh those Sugar Plum Fairies, or are they Les Fleurs? Out of focus? Whose out of focus. Maybe its the holidays?? Dianne

    PS I hate the new comment setup. I have to enter everything. The old method allowed me to type one letter and everything popped up.

  5. It would be criminal to lose this exquisite photo.

  6. It would be criminal to lose this exquisite photo.

  7. If you ever figure out a formula for paragraph #2 (in the post) do let me know. I struggle daily with the same questions!


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