December 27, 2011


They check out the new curtains, and they mess up their hair for the photograph.

They visited mom, we meetinged. We movied, they shopped, we shopped…it was like endless passing in the night. Finally Bee and Mikey stopped by our house for a brief visit. It was good to see them both and to see how relaxed Mikey had become.

As the sun fell lower in the sky, The Geezer reached the silent stage which means the feed me stage, I asked if they wanted to join us? “Nope,” they said on their way to eat with family, and I whipped him out for Mexican food. We had ham for the last three days and will return to ham today, but sometimes, it’s good to have a break from something as opinionated as ham.

Now it’s time to return to the mundane for me as he heads off to work. Laundry. Clean out the freezer. Run errands. He’s off to the gym on time, and I am off early to begin to jog in the deep end before the aerobics. I’m outta shape….that’s certainly me. He’s not. But we will meet in the middle. That’s friendship too.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to return to the real world. Hope your day goes as planned.

  2. Ah ham, delicious and opinionated, and salty, like some of my best friends.

  3. what fun!!! don't know if I'd want to eat all that ham, though. Lol.

  4. Easing back into the routine of the spin cycle.

  5. Good for you for exercising away all the rich holiday foods. I love ham! I wouldn't mind left over ham.


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