December 18, 2011

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

Above the Christmas Cat, and Below: 1981 Christmas tree in the tiny cottage by the sea.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I smile at our blue tree every time I walk by it. Underneath are presents…in all colors. Even the Christmas Cat has come out of hibernation to sit among the Christmas Cards.

For a non-Christian, I do Christmas well.

For years, I followed some of my mother’s Christmas Eve customs. There were scrambled eggs and bacon, there was a fruit of some sort, and usually that was all. Mother would then race upstairs to ostensibly get the presents When we all knew that mother was really upstairs frantically wrapping the presents.

Some of us waited patiently in the living room. I don’t think I was among the patient.

Even at the cottage, I would serve scrambled eggs to family and a few friends tho I wrapped the presents the moment I got them. Later in the big house, we would have up to 30 friends and family for a present exchange and scrambled eggs. Here we had smaller gatherings as our living room seats six…and the deck with heater would seat five.

I stopped serving scrambled eggs that first year we ran away from home on Christmas. Now this first year back, we are having ham, sweet potatoe casserole, salad, and Leaning Towers….those whipped cream and chocolate cookie confections that add thousands of calories to any gathering. Whipped cream is much better than eggs any time.


  1. Looking forward to our family Christmas party at my place. My niece is bringing a coworker who has no family in Hawaii. Hope she enjoys the celebration. Love your stuffed cat!

  2. A cottage by the sea, how could you leave it. I am going to my daughter's place after Christmas. She has MIl and MIL to visit on Sunday next. Dianne

  3. I have rarely been to large Christmas gatherings except when we were overseas and all of us homesick. Rarely more than 12 at any gathering over these holidays. This year it will be 8 at my daughters house.

  4. Our first Christmas away from family and friends. It doesn't even seem like the holiday is nearly here. I don't know what we will think on the big day....

  5. I'm a non-Christian too and I try my best to have fun with Christmas so everybody can enjoy the holiday. I just wish my children could be here to celebrate with us.

  6. Oh my goodness! I got a card this year EXACTLY like the black card with gold leaves behind the Christmas cat! Small world, huh? And I adore the cat! Can I have it when you're finished with it?


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