December 5, 2011


There are days that pass in a blink of an eye. Yesterday was one as we drove north in Grumpy to take Bee two antique dishes we found at an estate sale.

It was really cold. One of those colds that seeps through what every you wear. Seeing her warmed me up. We had a few moments to chat then drove home again. It’s wonderful to have friends like her.

Today I anticipate laundry. I know one shouldn’t look beyond the moment, but the laundry looms.


  1. Good friends are everything. I'll be seeing my closest friend later in the week. Glad you had a good day despite the cold.

  2. Moments strung together make a life. That's not even profound. I just like the sound of it.

  3. This is the time in my life when all my friends live far away and I like to stay home. Not the best situation, and I have to be careful with myself.

  4. What a lovely photo of you and your friend.

    She makes a world who finds a friend,
    And makes that friend her own,
    Thenceforth we'ere her way may wend,
    She walks no more alone.

  5. Great photo of you and your the expression on your face.

  6. Ah, friends. What would our lives be without them? You seem to have been such a loyal friend to many and in exchange been gifted with loyal friends in return. One of your good attributes.

  7. Nice to see your friend and you smiling together.


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