December 28, 2011

Moving On, and on, and on...

Lenora at work at the now closed Mission Beach Plunge.

I’m in a bit of a quandary as the year nears its end. There’s something wrong with the heater at the pool in the Y we attend. It doesn't always get the water warm any more. It’s scheduled for replacement this upcoming March. I need to keep myself moving or parts of me stop moving. Water aerobics has been a good solution year round but not if the heater isn’t working.

I had some sort of weird virus in the seventies. The kids too. I don’t do well in heat nor do I function well in cold. When the water is in the mid seventies, I’m out.

There’s all sorts of alternatives. I can go to the Y down in the Valley. They have a special arthritis pool tho there is an extra charge. I can go with G to the gym in the mornings and do aerobics with just my upper body. If we could leave fifteen minutes early, I could still get my hot tub time in. I’m sure other choices will appear.

I overheard the pool manager saying that perhaps they needed to do something sooner than March. I can second that.

And the top came off the shampoo bottle in my gym bag. I felt harried until I got everything rinsed and the bag soaking.

And the top came off the new milk jug. G called my attention to it then was made to smell and taste it. It passed and was put into use for the ham and scalloped potatoes that are now slow cooking.


  1. Hope it gets fixed soon! Holding my fingers in a nicely held cross for you.

  2. I hear you sister. I have not been to the pool for six months. The cold water does not help my joints. Also, I have developed Ecsema (sp?) and the chemicals don't help my skin. Oh what to do. Dianne

  3. Sorry about your pool Mage, can't do the cold water either. About the horse, he came out fine.

  4. Yes, I think they need to fix the water heater right away. My mother used to swim at the Y but the HEAT of the water seemed to make her react badly. I hate when something spills in my purse too. Just makes me feel all sticky.....until I get it cleaned up.

  5. Yes, I too must settle the exercise delima. I have some organizing to do once daughter returns home. Keep moving, that's the goal.

  6. I hate it when these things happen. Yes, they need to fix it sooner! I went to do water aerobics at the Y the other day in the therapy pool, and it was closed because of the heater. I was so bummed. Luckily, there was a new pilates class starting at the same time, so I joined it. Actually, I love the pilates instructor, so now I go there and don't worry about the pool.

  7. You did warn me that tops fall off of bottles and such. :-)

    I hope everything is fixed quickly so you can get into the pool for exercise.


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