December 10, 2011

Of Cabagges and Chairs

The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller.

It only took hours, and one restart with total loss of all my work, before I managed to create the address data base for the holiday cards. Whew. Then I bought some cute labels and papers at Staples only to discover that I would have to use my smart phone to download an app to print on them.

Fergettabout it. No smart phone here.

So this morning, it took two computer savvy folks on two different computers a bit of time to find a brand of label that Word 2007 will support which Staples carries. I’m a total grump when it comes to returning products, but we will be out on the road.

I kept insisting that he needed to buy something for himself from this bonus. He waffled. I insisted. What did this man who has everything he could want, want.

An office chair. He wants a Herman Miller office chair. Not the two grand Herman Miller office chair, but the one in the middle price range. With his broken neck, he wants to be comfortable when sitting at his computer. So he found a new chair on eBay, found the distributor locally, found they were having a one day sale on Saturday, and off we will go later in the morning with Grumpy to pick up a new chair.

I’ll take the labels with me.


  1. Have you noticed that the newer versions of Word, supposedly written to make the application easier to use, make it harder. (And I have used a lot of different versions, beginning with 4.0, before pull down menus, before Windows, before a mouse!) World 2010 is worse (and Excel 2010 is disgusting)!

    Then again, I am still using a template I designed before the label apps.

  2. Hooray! I think he will be very happy with that. See you guys tonight!

  3. That's a great way to spend his bonus...a new office chair that will make him much more comfortable while he works....wonderful!

  4. A great chair can make all the difference in your comfort, keep that neck stable. I haven't been fond of the new word either but then I am a throwback who used to like monkeying with my operating system in the old days. The newer windows systems took all the fun out of that.

  5. I am slowly ending my mailing of Christmas cards (i,e. newletters) and do everything by hand. Ido have the database for the ones I used to send...but I have gotten only three Christmas cards from folks thus far, but that is not counting the TWO I got from the White you think I need to send Michelle and Barack a card or just money for Christmas?

  6. Oooohhhh... That looks wonderful! I've seen those chairs advertised. I am now going chairless. I decided to stand while I'm on the computer.

  7. I just wanted to add that when I worked for USDA they bought us these chairs for work and they are extremely comfortable. I am sure they got them at some great discount.

  8. I need a new chair. How does the Herman Miller chair help with a broken neck? My neck is not broken, but sitting at the computer for a couple of hours leaves me in pain. Dianne

  9. When did he break his neck? Have I not been paying attention again?


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