December 29, 2011


Glasses on display for New Year’s at the Discover Shop.

It’s end of the year, tidy up, get rid of stuff time here. I wave my magic wand, and all is in order. Ha.

I did make a major start with my computer yesterday transferring photographs from one folder to another. This morning, after an attempt to get in the pool, I’ll move a few more things around. I start each year with a new folder for writing class, journaling, and photos.

Today G is home sick from work to go to the Auto Show. They know. Work is light right now, and he asked if they would rather pay him to sit at home or go to the auto show and learn things. He’s going with his sponsor and friend Jay….breakfast and the show. Should be fun for both of them.

Me…I have split pea soup brewing. He doesn’t like it but I love the stuff…(so I have a separate dinner made for him). With that ham bone in the house, I consider it a sin not to make split pea soup. I’ll do it on the stove as yesterdays experiment with the crock pot smelled good and tasted good but was sauceless. I’ll turn the soup off briefly to stop by the Discover Shop and set up a book display. My goal yesterday was to clear the shelves for the books coming in Friday and to mark down the three month old unsold books. I never got my part of the store looking good. When I get home, I can go back to simmering soup.

Reading. I just finished one about an Irish doctor. Charming. I’m also reading Foote’s three volumes on the Civil War. I’m in the first book. There’s a giant basket in the living room filled with books I mean to read. Not all are going to be worthwhile. I actually skimmed a famous author’s opus the other day just so I could find out the ending and get it back to the store. I no longer feel I have to read a book if it doesn’t sit well.

Bravo to me.

Now we will see how the soup comes out.


  1. So excited to make that delivery tomorrow! YAY!

  2. When we get past a certain age, we recognize when a book is not worth finishing. No matter what your teachers taught you, that is true; we are allowed to stop.

    Did you by any chance read An Irish Country Doctor, by Patrick Taylor? I've read a couple of those, and they are indeed charming.

  3. hmmm the only soup in the house is canned Progresso. Not bad.

  4. Nothing is better than good food slowly simmering on the stove or in the oven and a good book to read as you wait....I think I may have to find a book to read today....

  5. Sounds great!!! I, too, have a stack of books I haven't read on a bench in my bedroom. I'm also in organizing mode -- the living room, bedroom, and bathroom are pretty much finish but the dining room, kitchen, and den are a job for Batman! Where do I get one of those Bat signal thingies?

  6. Returned from the Doctor today and am on antibiotic, inhaler, etc. Tonight your words on split pea and ham soup actually made my mouth water! I have not wanted to eat anything for days and now I am going to the store tomorrow to find my substitute for such sustenance. Your shop is so high end. You live in an area of many baubles and bangles and beads, many formerly wealthy families as they get rid of all that stuff they thought they had to have.

  7. I made split pea soup day before yesterday with the ham from Christmas. I love it. Thankfully, so does my husband. The rest of the ham was cut up and put into the freezer for future batches of soup.

    I need to get my computer organized! My photos are driving me nuts.

  8. I haven't even started working on sorting through my computer. I wanted to, I really did, but it was too much for me to face. I'm afraid I'll have to leave it for 2012. Sighhhhh.... I really admire your determination.

  9. I too have learned how to put a book aside if I wasn't hooked. Good thing too as I am a bookaholic and have too many books around my house. Have a good holiday and because I read your posts in reverse order, I already know how the pea soup turned out. Dianne


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