December 17, 2011


Downtown San Diego totally in focus. 2011

I took acres of photographs at work yesterday for the Facebook page. I did not drop the camera. Oh, I was beyond careful. Why I photographed all the beige clothes, I do not know. But there they are on my hard drive. Silly me. I even went out to the bay, I found flowers, and I stopped for a while in the cold to watch the boat builders work on Cabrillo’s "San Salvador" on Harbor Island.

And too, as usual talking with Bee every other week runs about $58.00 a month of every other week calls if I use the landline. Talking to Bee is worth the money, but it doesn’t cost her anything. If I switch to using G’s cell, it won’t cost me anything either.

I hate using the phone. Bee knows this, but insists. Perhaps my hatred of phones appeared while I worked for National Towing and was on the phone all day eight hours a day…almost. I learned hate it and now try and get off the phone early…end the conversation quickly and hide my head in a dark corner. Today Lenora called to tell me that I had an issue, and I needed to get over it. She doesn’t like email, and I hate the phone. Perhaps we both have issues. At least, email is free.

I wonder if she is awake at 5am so I can call to say thank you for the lovely bouquet of holly and fir branches that arrived.


  1. Looking at the bottom photo, I almost saw a wheel chair.

    I hate to talk on the cell, but that's how people reach me. Dianne

  2. Whenever my phone company tried to sell me expanded long distance service, I told them I usually called out of area on my cell phone, 'cause that was free.

    Eventually they gave me free long distance within the U.S. "So you won't have to use your cell," said the rep. Don't those people know they work for the same company?

  3. yeah, I prefer email, too -- much better than the phone and regular mail. Love your clear shot of downtown.

  4. I hate talking on the phone too and even avoid making calls myself. I worked as an insurance claims adjuster for over 25 years and had to be on the phone most of the time. Lost any interest in using that communication tool. LOL

  5. I love my cell. I even sleep with it on my headboard.

  6. I have a dear friend who loves to have 2-3 hour chats on the phone. I got a headset so when she calls I can get up and do stuff, cook, sweep, fold laundry, and so on. If I sat that long I wouldn't be able to get up. She has conceded to send me an email about once a week, she gets several from me. We care for each other so we muddle along. Iguess that's what friends do is muddle along with each other's issues. ;-)

  7. I am assuming they are building for a parade?? How about is free.

  8. Funny thing... I don't like phones either. I prefer e-mailing than calling someone. I feel like I'm disturbing them. Ah... as I did this afternoon when I woke up my brother and his wife who were taking a nap.


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