December 4, 2011

"You always have a camera, Gramma."

It’s really not fair to take Grampa Geezer along when you are out looking at used cars. The Mitsubishi was great….but Grampa found welds on the frame. The Exploder was great, but it got terrible mileage.

Grampa brought his computer with him, and the two of them perused more SUV’s in the Auto Trader. Grampa found a Saturn Vue….just perfect for Aaron with the small 4 calendar engine and a five speed. He’s gotten a lot better at stick shifts since he joined the military. He took us to lunch, and we headed for a brief break and the museum.

Sitting by the dock on the bay book and camera in hand. Idylic. Photo: Geezer.

Driving up through the busy downtown streets toward the park.

There we were with silkies, double warm pants, double socks, (mine tripled), two shirts and a vest, all topped by warm coats, hats and gloves. I thought I wouldn’t need the bottom silk layers. My thighs were chilly as I welcomed folks to the museum and asked them to leave their bottles, foodstuffs, light sabers, and other necessities at the table. I’d guard them with my life, I told them. Once they laughed, they put their things down. The Geezer was toasty in back with the motorcycles.

“You always have a camera, gramma,” Aaron said.

Trying to explain why, it suddenly dawned on me why I always have a camera in my hand. I don’t forget my life when I take pictures of it.


  1. It's not just that you always have a camera, but you have such a good eye. I know a professional photographer who carries a camera and says, "that's a good picture." It's bright and clear, sure, and usually unflattering.

  2. How lucky your grandson is that his grandpa knows cars....I bet he will have a great time with the new-to-him Vue. And I am glad you always have a camera too....

  3. Your camera work is great, of course you always have it with you, part of your creativity. That seagull is worthy of anyone's wall. What a treasure a car knowledgeable grandpa is, we have one too.


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