January 23, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Above: A Jacobs Ladder quilt that came in to the shop this week. Tied. Double bed sized with apologies for the stair rail. Below: A baby lamb baby quilt that came in too. Beautifully stitched by a gramma.

  • These two quilts came in to the shop this week, and both are different enough to be memorable. The Jacob’s ladder is an all cotton scrap quilt perhaps made in the 1960’s. It’s partially tied and is lumpy. Not warm and comfy. The baby quilt is a three dimensional lamb carefully hand sewn and appliqued amid clouds, and it’s rather delightful. I was thinking I would post quilt photos here in the future if the quilts were unique enough.

  • Breakfast with Stir Margaret was delightful. She was surprised to see us at her door for I had written down a date a month off. Geeez. Her new dog greeted us nicely….last time the dog was afraid of George. Stir came to breakfast despite me anyway. Kind lady. She’s packing to go on a land tour of the Panama Canal. How marvelous. Giving her time now to the families of AIDS victims and working with domestic violence women too. Has a new nun living with her in that huge house…from a Vietnamese order. Mother’s chair is there….still rock hard and smelling of mold. Stir, G, and I will get together next month to find out all the details of her trip.

  • Smalls: Life is made up of small things today. Laundry again. Usually we do the big stuff on Sundays and a three load day Wednesdays. Somehow everything has gotten screwed up. No Bee this morning. We are trying out phone calls at 0930…and see how that breaks up the day. I have to answer a brief message from Lessa…”Am I supposed to be there?” She asked in a rather panicked way. We didn’t get the message. The new answering machine doesn’t Beep. We need it to beep. We forget it otherwize. I’m sure it’s a setting so I will read the book after I talk with Bee. I’ll call Lessa before I leave for the pool. Finishing the editing on the last Fascist post today too. Now I have to decide how to package it for publication. I think like a report because of the “Creative Commons licensed pictures.

  • Doctors: G goes in to talk with the doc about his physical results this afternoon. I wish I could be there too. Me? I’ve had to take pain meds, which I avoid like the plague, twice this last week. By yesterday afternoon, I could barely walk. The docs will give shots every four months, and I want to make sure I have one just before we leave on our next vacation in October. Yes, I am counting the months on my fingers.


  1. Love the quilts!!! I hope to get down to a Amish country this Spring or Summer to a little town called Charm where they have glorious handmade quilts (that I can't afford but it's fun to dream).

    Take care of yourself -- you don't need the aggravation.

  2. I like the first quilt best, but then I like bright colors. The texture of course, I would find offputting. Lumpy I don't need. I am lumpy enough. Dianne

  3. That baby quilt is adorable...I don't think it will take long to find a new home.... I'm surprised the owner was willing to give it up.

  4. Always surprised that people give up things like the baby quilt, but then I guess that's why there is so much stuff in the cupboards at my house, LOL.

  5. More great quilts--even if the Jacobs Ladder is lumpy it sure is pretty. Makes me want to go down to my sewing machine and start stitching all my tiny strips of leftovers together to see what comes of it. (What kind of arthritis are they shooting you every four months for?)

  6. Good gracious! I wish I could come to your shop. That is another gorgeous quilt.


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