January 28, 2012

A Brite New Day

A close-up of nine blocks in the 1960’s quilt.

At work, the day glow sale has begun with a colorful start. At home, there’s a bright new start too.

After work and after our meeting by the bay, we journeyed up to Frye’s on the mesa to buy the Geezer a new computer. According to their online sites, Costco only offered student computers while Best Buy offered nothing useful at all. The Frye’s online pages said that they had just the Gateway G wanted, but when we got there they were all gone. Not even a floor model remained. Discontinued, the manager told me.

G wanted one with the newest, fast processor that also had a video card that would work well with games. I wanted him to upgrade far beyond the computers he was looking at so the new computer would be useful far longer. Finally I stirred the pot a bit putting the manager, G, and his sales person together….for we didn’t want the kid to lose his commission….and to guide G to to look at far more powerful computers. They took them apart, they poked around inside. Had to have expansion slots. Had to have a separate video card. It has beefed up cooling fan and an 8 core processor. Finally the kid grabbed the last of a big, fancy HP model as another couple was looking at it, and G bought it.

While he was shopping, I wandered over to the area that sold programs. I’m using Photoshop Elements 6. It’s old. I can’t take any classes as they all want you to have PE10. At about fifteen bucks more than Costco’s price, I added the newest PE to the shopping cart where I found G had stashed a little gift for me. A new video card. Wow. No more jerking pauses in my computer world.

So this morning, a day the sun shines and the world sparkles, we are indoors playing on our computers. I may run out later to shoot the worlds 4th biggest yacht. And later, we are going to the movies tonight to catch the new Stephanie Plum. What a bright new day altogether.


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a productive day that's also fun. You don't get that combination often.

  2. I'm amazed that Costco didn't serve your purpose. After I did so well with the one I bought last year -- a standard desktop 'cause I can -- my daughter bought a notebook. Aside from the fact that a 93% smaller keyboard is going to drive her nuts, she likes the machine.

  3. How I wish I knew what to do with all that computer stuff.

    The movies sound like a fine idea.

  4. My husband has enough trouble working his emails and finding photos that he downloads. If I asked about videocards he would head to Hallmark.

  5. Yae!!! I'm all for getting the latest, fastest with most memory because we keep our machines for as long as we can. Congratulations on your great new purchase!

  6. Oh happy Day! Sounds like a great way to celebrate his birthday with little giftees for both of you.

  7. I buy all of our computers from Costco. Can't beat their 2 year warranty and 90 day return policy.

  8. Happy birthday to G. The food looked wonderful, and the computer sounds great. Thank you for all of your good thoughts. We're doing very well.

  9. I didn't know Hollywood had begun to make Stephanie Plum movies. I have read many of her books. What is the name of the movie and who plays Stephanie? I am so out of touch with movies these days I don't know whose who.

    BTW, these days the Faragamos have given way to Birkenstock shoes. I have a high arch and they are the ticket. Dianne


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