January 12, 2012

A Day with Gordo y Gordita

The Geezer's Chicken Parmesan with two sauces.

He’s had a really good week. Business has picked up from the holiday quiet, and he’s been whipping out the estimates. Time matters. Some he can get turned around and posted in a day. Another he wrote yesterday for $64.00 bucks has been in his queue since mid December. He totaled another for the airbags and the windshield which would leave you wondering how old the car was.

I’ve been busy too. I was the person pricing the material things this day, but I was really needed in books. We got someone’s whole library. Jim, who usually writes the “things and tchotchkes,” was up at the VA for a doctor’s appointment. So I photographed for Facebook, then I did books a bit. Their boxes and bags were growing out from the book storage area in back to fill a good quarter of the huge sorting room. All the red tagged books had gone to Father Joe’s that morning leaving vast empty shelves. The boss and I agreed to lower the prices on the hard bounds from three to two leaving the paperbacks at a buck. They are not selling.

Jill, wonderful volunteer Jill confined to her wheel chair arrived, and I started her out in the main room re-pricing all the books she could reach. Then she began pricing on the mountain of donated books, choosing the discards carefully. Mold, foxing, and dust went in big bins for Father Joe’s….or Sister Tricia’s. Everything else got priced.

I’d come in and price dishes then cart a load of books to the now empty shelves. Then I’d do plates or discard the damaged tchotchkes before taking another load of books to the shelves. A full load of books piled high in the red wagon will barely fill two shelves. I filled shelves with repeated trips. I finished all the stuff and finished re-pricing the books too.

By the time the Geezer got home feeling very hungry, I had downloaded all my images and was starving. What a pair we are. Nothing healthy would do. Shame on us. Wonderful Brian’s in Hillcrest over fed us as he ate half his Chicken Parmesan and I managed to consume only half my Chicken fried steak. He ate his soup and some of my salad, and I ate some of my salad. Neither of us finished those overly full plates but we both felt only a twinge guilty over those truly comforting foods.

With our leftovers in hand, we left as Gordo and Gordita.


  1. Oh I love this and because i studied Spanish I know Gordo and Gordita. I know them for other reasons too. Dianne

  2. Leftovers.....so you won't have to cook again.....

  3. Great way to deal with a water shut-off! YAY!

  4. I love chicken and would have eaten his and yours both! Lol.

  5. Yum, celebrate the water shut-off. Makes me feel good just looking at it.

  6. Oh good grief! It's 11:00 at night and that photo made me hungry!!!


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