January 18, 2012

For Those in Peril on Their Dreams

Pilot boats waiting for incoming ships.

After bounding around in the pool for a while, I came home determined to take my camera out into the sun shine. I packed a lunch, grabbed the newest Marcia Muller mystery and headed for the bay. Even tho it was cold, the sun was out, and the sky was a beautiful blue.

No shoes. I forgot to exchange my house moccasins for tennies. That limited my walk-a-bout. Still, I got a few good pictures that should hold me through the upcoming rain. Several Navy ships went out, lots of yachts motored by….no wind, and the walkers amused me every time I looked up. The book was great and Grumpy’s fabric covered, bench seat was very comfortable for my change of weather pains. My one trip to the nearby bathroom got me shots of rescue mannequins resting in a SD Harbor Police garage clean-out as well as a variety of other harbor shots.

Dinner was a huge success, but I was up all night with nightmares. Something in the salsa probably didn’t agree. Or did the continuing Costa Concordia news take up a second life in my subconscious? Perhaps Lessa’s bad news triggered the nightmares or that I worry about Lenora and Mohave up in Portland’s snows. Did I mention that I hate nightmares? The Geezer was just about to rescue me from some unnamed peril when I woke this morning relieved I was ok and in my own lovely, soft, warm, comfortable bed.


  1. I love the way you framed the pilot boats with the paperbark birch branch.

    Dreams, I have had a few lately. Connie has been figthting with insurance companies over meds for her girls over 18. The insurance companies really don't like Obamacare. Dianne

  2. You must be worn out this morning after last night's dreams.

  3. I think of you constantly whenever news of the Concordia comes on. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the mannequin shot. Lovely day!

  4. Loved the branch of that interesting tree framing the boats....and I also look forward to the rescue mannequins appearing on your blog page.

  5. Nice photo! I don't have nightmares, but I do sleepwalk. When I wake up, I don't know why I am rummaging through a storage bin or why I opened a closet.

  6. I too have just started Marcia Muller's latest. I don't run into too many of her fans so it was nice to see your comment about reading her books.


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