January 6, 2012


The San Diego Presidio. A replica built in the 1930’s now offices of the SD Historical Society.

I love Fridays. I feel like a kid let loose from school on Fridays. I swim then go in to the shop today to sort goodies then do books. Afterwards I post pictures from the store to Facebook. Then I’m free. You can see me racing around and waving my hands yelling, “Free, free, free.”

Usually I come home to catch up with you all. Sometimes I play an online jigsaw puzzle at Jigzone, and I’ve been known to play solitaire till I win one game too. Then I grab a book….yesterday a new sci-fi, today a new co-authored non-Plum Evanovitch.

I figured out what made me so very ill on that last cruise. It wasn’t the water, like I thought. Tho one night it was a reaction to the food, the rest of the days it was either caffeine or the sweetner. A month or so ago, the same reaction happened here at home. Once I stopped drinking coffee and diet cokes, I immediately began to feel human. I did have a cup of weak tea in the late afternoons before dinner and had no adverse reactions.

If you have allergies and sensitivities like I do, you become your own investigator. I didn’t want to give up cruising, but I was really sick the whole cruise last year. Now decaf at breakfast. I can do this. Some days now, only one diet coke. I alternate with tea, and the continual, sometimes horrific, nausea is gone. Free indeed.

So if you want me, I’ll be curled up with a new book and a weak cuppa. Probably laughing since I am reading Evanovitch.


  1. Nothing like a Friday/Evanovich combo plate! So glad you are feeling better, sweetie.

  2. It's Friday? What in the hell happened to Thursday?

  3. Seems as if artificial sweeteners disagree with you. (You should see what sugar does to me!)

    But I know of three or four different sweeteners that are not chemically the same. On a day when you feel up to investigating, try a different one.

  4. Good to know what gives your body the heebie jeebies, good work!

  5. Glad you figured it out. Now you can help me with me with my tummy ailments. (!) Have a great weekend.

  6. I read Evanovitch's early works and then dropped her when I went back to school. Maybe someday I will pick her up again. I gave the books to my daughter who loved them. Dianne

  7. I gave up non caffeinated Diet Coke a year ago. Now I only drink Vitaminwater Zero. I drank 3 bottles of sparking ICE this week and had a horrible stomach ache last night...it must be the chemicals.

  8. So happy to have you FREE on FRIDAYS! Best feeling in the world!


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