January 5, 2012

I'm supposed to be retired.

I wear me out with all my projects too.

I want to get back to painting. The stuff I do is awfully gestural, but it still has a core of interest despite the fact that the artist doesn’t have any hand eye coordination.

I need to finish the “scan the old photo project” just to get those endless boxes out of the computer room. It has to be done otherwise all these images will be lost.

Just like with painting, I need to keep learning to write. Getting those Nazi pieces out there, even if in a tiny edition, will validate my work.

Over and above those actual projects, every day I do aerobics and stretches, I write my journal, and I do the housewife stuff of tidy, laundry, cook, and shop. Every day life is supposed to be Weight Watcher focused, but I note the more I WW focus, the more I eat. Two days a week I and my camera go to the Discovery Shop where I take the pictures for the shop’s Facebook account. One day a week, I am scheduled to go to the Poets group, and one and a half days a week I spend with himself.

As part of my life, I go to AA meetings twice a week. At one meeting I have regular commitments. Last time I baked a sheet cake. This time I am an usher. Yesterday I bought a used suit at the fat lady consignment shop. Now I have two good outfits. I’m supposed to go to a WW meeting on Wednesday nights, I want to go to a Alanon meeting on Wednesday nights…..sometimes meetings suffer. Then again, because of those meetings, I get to eat out. Did I tell you that I sit as much as possible?

Monday’s and Tuesdays are mine, all mine. Those are the scan, paint, write, photography days. I quit around three and sink into my giant chair with a cup of tea or a Diet Coke and a book. I’m supposed to be retired, you know. Breathlessly.


  1. Most people say once they "retire" they are busier than ever. Sounds true, eh?

  2. So this is a picture of your days. I should sit down and write my day...I think it probably looks something like yours. Oh and I sit as often as I can, too. In spite of what my physical trainer says. (Monday I have an evaluation--I'll let you know if I pass muster!)

  3. Not my day at all. I enjoy retirement and I've been very careful not to become busier in retirement than when I was working. I believe you must be a people person. That's probably what draws you into all the things that involve people. The world needs all of us.

  4. It can be true that you get busier when you retire because you are usually doing things you want to do...and there are so many things I want to do.....
    Sitting is one of them.

  5. My son bought me an easel and canvas for one of my birthdays. I haven't done anything yet. I want to, but I can't seem to get inspired or confident.

  6. I think we need a "fat lady's shop" here, but these young lawyers are all phyiscally fit. Dianne

  7. Right on target, Poolie. While retirement seems like a lot of old people sitting around and doing nothing, what really happens is that you replace work life with the stuff you're interested it. You can go about in your own pace, too, so it's very fun (and at times, very busy!)...


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