January 22, 2012


Leftover Christmas….that’s me.

Small things. I mailed off two of the three Christmas Cards that came back. I felt awful about having the wrong addresses for two very good friends. I really worry about the third.

It’s a completion of old things to start the new year off. Then we went to that humongous, gigante estate sale and bought nothing at all. I’m so proud of us. At Amvets, I found two white and one light blue turtlenecks plus a very warm looking baggy sweater. The Geezer found a case of 60 watt light bulbs and felt triumphant.

While he was at the museum in the rain, my whole afternoon was spent at the computer putting the five essays on Fascism into one, alphabetizing the links, and struggling with the formatting. I felt triumphant too. It’s all together and now I can look at the whole and make the changes needed.

Imagine. My projects are getting done.


  1. I know a woman who began looking in the men's department because she needs very large tops. Then she discovered that one of the best places to look was in a men's store during a sale. For some reason, all the styles that didn't sell looked beautiful on her.

  2. It sounds like somebody has been making and keeping resolutions. ;)

  3. Few things in life feel better than a completed project.

  4. Looks like you have almost assembled a book. Is this your thesis?? I am impressed. Dianne

  5. Project as getting done... good for you, Maggie! I particularly like the idea of you being able to go to one of those estate sales and not buy anything. Sometimes, when the stuff is really good, not possible. Yet, other times it is good just to go an look.

  6. I really meant to buy some extra decorations in the sale but left it too late.
    How great than you are getting things done - an example to us all:)


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