January 30, 2012


An easy pile of work waiting to be sorted. Thank you all for donating to your favorite cause.

It’s a plan the menus, air the shoes, do another load of laundry as I didn’t get it all done, and read day today. Mundane stuff.

I picked up a copy of the Joy of Cooking’s 75th anniversary edition yesterday, but instead of cooking Rombauer I’m going to be cooking Cunningham. I must confess that I liked the original title best: ”Fannie Merritt Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Cookbook.” I realize that cookbook has grown way beyond those cooking school years, but I liked the title.

I found two small books this week by Marion Cunningham, of ”Fannie,” and one of them was titled ”Suppers”. I can cheerfully do suppers instead of the heavier dinners. I like a three item meal at the end of the day…entre, veggie, and salad. Simple is good especially if I’ve had M&M’s at the movie during the week. I’d love to add deserts, but I don’t need them and am too lazy to cook them.

Mundane suppers are healthier all around if you are growing lazy on a Monday.


  1. Sometimes I am completely happy with sliced tomatoes and a few slices of cheese. Simple food for a simple mind.

  2. I have actually managed to make a small bag of M&Ms last quite a few days! They are the worst for dieters. I would never buy the bigger bags...do not need that kind of temptation.

  3. I have a 1964 edition of The Joy of Cooking. It was my go-to cookbook during the first ten years or so of my marriage. Sometimes I just read it for the background and the science behind what we do.

    I don't need it for most of what I prepare nowadays, and I get yelled at (really!) if I make any suggestions, such as "The Joy says..."

  4. I still have my Betty Crocker Cookbook from my early days as a bride....and I still refer to it when I want recall something simple like how long to bake a potato....!
    I got a Kindle for my birthday last month. I have about 60 books on it but haven't read any! Kind of like preparing a nest of reading material for a blizzard that MIGHT come someday!...

  5. I love your biblio posts. Nothing more beautiful than a stack of books. I keep a few of them around here. Dianne

  6. My favorite is the New York Times Cookbook -- when I break down and do a decent meal.

  7. Actually... I stick to Dove's dark chocolate. :-)


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