January 14, 2012


The slough by the Torrey Pines State Park viewed from the train.

After the usual Friday things, I came home to post to the Discovery Shops Facebook page. Then rather than go on to scanning, prompted by some remarks from Tabor, I thought I would check and make sure things were really backed up where I wanted them.

I don’t mind this kind of work. This sort of plodding organization suits me. It’s like comfort food. I bring up old friends and make sure they are ok. I pat them, tweak then, give then a hug while making sure they are put in just the right places. What I found was that last year’s long train trip wasn’t filed under vacations. It was lost in that giant backup hard drive over on my old computer.

First I had to find it. Then I had to move it to the folder marked “vacations” in an increasingly chilly computer room. Then just to make sure it was backed up, I needed to copy all those pictures a second time to the second “vacations” folder in a now very cold room. By the time the Geezer got home, I was reduced to a shivering mass hovering over 4000 some photos that were still telling me that they would be downloading for another fifteen minutes.

I was bribed away by dinner and left my two archaic computers transferring their megabytes of information between themselves in the cold and now darkened room.


  1. RYN...you sometimes sound like my mother...or perhaps her daughter!

  2. I've been trying to back things up on the external drive too. It would be really, really painful if I lost all that I've been scanning.

    I come up for air once or twice a week to check out what's happening with everybody else and then start burying myself in scanning again.

    I'll be submerging myself in France today.

  3. Glad you were rescued from the cold....wouldn't want you to get sick now.

  4. Hang in there. I am thinking of you!

  5. Why is that room so cold?? I need to do this too. First I must figure out how to scan slides. Dianne


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