January 21, 2012

Warm not Naked

View from an estate sale in Point Loma. Imagine living there.

I want to stop in at my favorite thrift store, but I don’t know how this will go today. There’s also a monumental sale of oriental things up the hill in Claremont. I’d like to stop there too.

It’s not as if we were going to buy anything at the sale. We don’t need things. Still, there is a whole house and many storage rooms were filled with orientaliana, much to the surprise of the surviving partner. He told Barbara, the lady I sort things with on Wednesdays, that he didn’t know they had so much.

I’m willing to be surprised, and the Geezer always enjoys anything from the Far East. My main goal in life today is to find a few turtlenecks at Amvet’s for me. Warmth. Sometimes I feel guilty for shopping at Amvets. They aren’t a real charity…something I only learned recently. Still their acres of color ordered clothes, books, and dishes always have suckered me in.

My problem is that, A. I bulge. B. All new Tarjay turtlenecks are skin tight and made of skimpy fabrics. And C. We don’t have any turtlenecks my size at my store. Skin tight, paper thin fabrics not only show everything, they aren’t warm unless one wears wool on top. Last night I got food all down the front of my one good wool sweater which was on top of one of those skimpy turtlenecks.

Today I’m revolting and turning my back on skimpy. Enough. I’m not buying clothes for me at Tarjay anymore, and I’m shopping for thicker fabrics that don’t show every roll through the weave. I want to be warm not naked.


  1. Abosolutely, I got a couple of turtlenecks from Landsend at a yard sale a couple of years ago and they are great.

  2. The sweaters I knitted thirty years ago are finally falling apart, but I still wear them because they add so much warmth. (Do I need to point out that it's cold here? 19 degrees when I got up.)

  3. Let me know if you have any success. The choices for big girls are really sorry, and I needn't look around here were most people are under 30 and physical fitness nuts.
    Landsend sold great stuff once upon a time. Dianne

  4. I wear Karen Scott (Macy's) mock turtlenecks almost the year around here in Oregon. You can order them online and they're about $10. I also like the ones from L.L. Bean and Lands End. Be careful that you're getting all cotton, otherwise you get the kind you' trying to get rid of now.

  5. Have you tried this link....I like it because you can read the reviews...and they send catalogs all the time.

  6. Yes, I too love Land's End, but they have gotten style focused. I don't want a thinner fabric, and I don't want to drive far, far away to the sears store to see what fits. I did find five turtlenecks at Amvets today, and they all seem like winners. So far so good.

    I sure do appreciate your caring.

  7. I am somewhat thinner than you, but have enough folds and ripples that I also hate the thinner and tight fitting fabrics they now use. Only a skinny minnie would look good in them. I am glad that I do not live near estate sales...I would be pawing through all the antiques and buying something I do not need!

  8. Could have used a warm turtleneck tonight in Sedona!

  9. I've been shopping at Rosses and I've noticed the fabrics are thin too. I like Eddie Bauer for winter type clothes.

  10. Try L.L.Bean catalog end of season sales on their cotton knit turtlenecks. Great quality for the money (expensive not on sale but they last and hold their shape)!


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