February 20, 2012

Gassing Up

Getting gas, 2012.

Slowly we begin feeling better. Only today have we admitted we might live after all. This is great progress. We aren’t quite to the leaping out of bed stage in the mornings, but he’s back at work and I am considering going over and looking at the books.

Saturday we felt well enough to get gas in Grumpy. Never will we see gas in the buck a gallon range again, nor will we see gas in the two dollar range. We have passed the upper three’s today and gas is now over four dollar a gallon. Five bucks isn’t far away. If G’s car didn’t get such good mileage, he couldn’t keep his job. Grumpy now get’s 17 mpg, and so he gets driven little. We got both gas and foods at Costco, and it was a first to spend more on gas than in the store itself.

We were off to our Sunday night Speakers Meeting business meeting last night too. I intended to add to the chaos of the meeting…and business meetings are always chaotic. One month ago, it was decided that the meeting would only pay cooks ten bucks a cake. Determined to prove that it took more than ten bucks to make a large sheet cake, I had priced cake making at three different stores from both box and scratch. The Great Geezer did the math for me.

Yes, I discovered, it did cost vastly less to make cake from scratch…and average of $3.50 per large sheet cake sans frosting. The frosting is the biggest cost whether homemade or from a can. A large sheet cake made from boxes averages $17.00 with two cans of frosting. But I also discovered that our newest cake bakers are taking home almost a whole sheet cake every week. No one is eating their homemade cakes…which are thin and skimpy things with little frosting. They are doing it their way.

Not doing things my way, I’ll take care of myself today.


  1. It's more work for the baker but less at point of use, if you make cupcakes. You crowd them onto a platter and ice them as a whole. People can serve themselves easily, and what is left is not too messy to be appetizing.

  2. I always use cake mixes and canned frosting -- and the cake is devoured within days. Yum.

  3. I also use cake mixes and canned frosting, especially when you can often find them on sale. Cake is good and good frosting is even better.

  4. Yes, I definitely prefer the cupcake idea. But frosting is so easy to make and tastes much better, even if it's just a simple confectioner's sugar/butter icing.


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