February 19, 2012

Sunday Snippits

  • The Geezer finished packaging up the taxes, entered them in the online forms, and sent them off. I should consider him a hero, but I am too tired. That’s an immense pile of flat out “stuff” to deal with. 32,900 miles on the car as the biggest expense. At 55 cents a mile, he seems pleased. I just remember the big payment from the trust that we now must pay taxes on. At least we have been saving all year for that.

  • The “Comic-Con Annual arrived in the mail today. We were allowed to sign up online. No tickets yet…but one person can sign up per email address. The Geezer keeps checking. He checks every day….and we are set up to get an email. It’s the year of the “Spider Man” they tell us. I just want to see the costumes and small films. I hope we get in.

  • Meat loaf smoking us out. Not exciting at all. Running the oven clean function, gassed us out, but at 2am the “beep” of the finish woke the Geezer up. He grumpily turned it off so we have a sweet smelling, well aired house this morning.

  • Girl Scout cookies. G even bought a box to send to troops overseas. I liked that idea.

  • I saw a small video about breast cancer on Ronnie Bennett’s blog, ‘Time Goes By” today. After seeing this video, and I more than strongly recommend it to everyone, I also recommend everyone stop supporting Susan B Koman’s political agendas. Enough said. Thank you.


  1. I hope you get ito the Comic Con too! How fun for you!

  2. Good for her! There are no labels with cancer. There shouldn't be any labels involved in seeking its cure.

  3. I don't understand the politics but I salute this lady for her great courage and hope she continues to get better and survive.

  4. Comic Con sounds like fun....hope you get the tickets....

    Thanks for posting the video too.

  5. I hope you get into the Comic Con thing. I learned what that was from your blog last year. Can't believe I have been reading this blog for a year. Time flies.


  6. Awesome video; already watched it at Ronni's and think both houses of Congress should be forced to watch it!


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