March 29, 2012


The Geezer celebrating his last birthday at Phil’s BBQ.

  • Now I can say it. He got the call last night while we were at dinner. The boss offered him a new job as an auditor working from home. He will be going up to headquarters in the middle of next month to meet the other auditor’s and find out the details. Yes, I am jumping up and down with excitement. Yes, too, this means his company has brought in enough new work that they can expand. He did this sort of thing with his last company, and he likes it.

  • So what I was doing last weekend was moving G’s office from the dark side of the room to the light side where the “L” of the desk sits. He has three monitors, and they will fill the corner nicely. His several computers will all be linked via a KDM switch, and he will be using only one keyboard. I cleared the grandkid pictures off the shelves so he will have space for all his things, and I packed away the small sewing desk leaving only my dresser. I’d been camping out in great hair clip disarray on its top, instead now the hair stuff went in the top drawer with everything else moving down one. You can imagine. Many of my life’s orts now live in flat plastic boxes under the bed.

  • It had become a family joke. A month or so ago we ordered G new work shirts. His uniform shirts were full of battery acid holes, oil stains, and other nefarious damages. Every day one of us would ask, “Are the shirts here yet?” Every day, no shirts. Wonderful. I began to believe that if the shirts arrived, he wouldn’t be offered the new job. G’s mantra was, “It hasn’t happened yet.” I believed it would. No shirts. Now he can work in shorts at home, and we are both delighted. Congratulations dear Geezer!!!!!


  1. Wonderful!!! Congrats, G!

    And Happy Birthday -- that barbecue looks yummy!

  2. That is amazing and grand news! We must celebrate with dinner!

  3. Good news indeed. I'm superstitious too. Dianne

    PS Congratulations to G.

  4. Congratulations! I am sure you both will enjoy the new job...and your new car tires will last so much longer now! LOL.

  5. Congratulations G, on your new job.

    I remember so clearly crossing all fingers and toes that you would get this job a couple of years ago, and you did, and you were great at it.

    Good for you and Happy Birthday!

  6. Wonderful news for you two!! And please pass a BBQ rib :-)

  7. Congratulations from me as well! Life sure can change fast, can't it. I'm so happy this time it's in a good way.


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