March 31, 2012


Cabo San Lucas, 2008. Top was the choice tho I would have liked to have a shot with a ship and the beach but none were good enough.

It was a lot of fun yesterday shuffling books at the Discovery shop. Several regular customers now know me by name, and they come talk with me while I shelve books. Many have want lists, and I endeavor to remember books like The Secret Life of Bees when swamped with Roberts and Robb.

It was slow, and we in the back room got a chance to listen to Neery talk about her double mastectomy and reconstruction. The reconstruction using skin and fat from the back plus saline pouches is a fascinating story. She says talking about it makes it better for her while being educational for us. I agree.

Home, I decided to tackle the Facebook/Timeline mess. The American Cancer Society Discovery Shop page was easy to work with. I was even able to find the stats from September that my boss wanted. My Facebook page and my computer hadn’t happily interacted the evening before on the new “cover” photograph, nor did it yesterday either. I ended up creating an album just for cover photographs and uploading the beach scene above from the new album. I battled with the page all afternoon, liking the end result buy disliking what should have been an easy download.

Today lunch in the park with Bee and Mikey. After they leave, I’ll take the shuttle up to the heart of the park and go to an art opening while G works his museum. Afterwords we will rush over to the housewarming. I asked the guys if Mark had everything he needed, and they all said yes. These are guys saying yes. So we aren’t just bringing cheese and crackers, we are also bringing a cutting board and two knives. We will leave them behind when we head home.

Perhaps we should have brought some bowls for the crackers too.


  1. Wow....what a beautiful place. Sounds as though things are going well for you. Enjoy!

  2. How neat to see the rocks in the first photo and then see that you did indeed find the ship sailing past those rocks.

    Yes, that paternalism stuff is part of the paper and the course. Decisions made in the nineteenth century are still with us today. I fear we have reached the end of the Nanny state however, as have many of those European countries. The question is how will we handle it. Hopefully, as kindly and sensibly as we can. Dianne

  3. Hoping you and the big man in your life are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Congratulations on being the wife of the man with the new job....we should always enjoy our spouse's triumphs!

  4. Beautiful Cabo San Lucas. You do have some of the nicest photos.

  5. Loving the pictures. Facebook was useful to me when I was sick, allowing for easy updates, but I struggle with it all the time.

    Thanks for your kind words. It is good to be back among the blogging! :)


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