March 28, 2012

The Day I Forgot Almost Everything

It’s Wabbit time, plus one bear, at the Discovery Shop, 2012.

There are those days that really should be started over again.

As I told my swimming class then the writing class, I forgot my shoes, I forgot to look at the gas gauge, and I forgot my teeth. At least I had the basics in the way of clothes. G left me a note on my windshield at the gym saying, “You will like yourself better with teeth.” Such a truism already….so I stopped at home and got my teeth and shoes. Only after the poem An Anonymity was read and well shredded in class, did I stop on the way home to get gas.

Poor old Grumpy has a gas gauge that reads empty going down the hill and a quarter tank going up…one of General Motors better idea’s I am sure. Only at the station did I discover that the wallet with my debit card wasn’t with me…anywhere. I used a credit card, oh grrrrr, took a few pictures at the store for Facebook, and went home to find the wallet on the office desk under a mountain of detritus to be sorted.

So I made three decisions: 1. Hereafter I shall get fully ready the night before from packing my breakfast and lunch to laying out clothes and accouterments…which will include my driver’s license and gym card. 2. I shall finish gutting the office and pack everything away….which I did. 3. And I’ll write a poem about the day I forgot everything.

That ought to do me.


  1. At least G saved you from the worst.

    Back in the day when my husband and I used the same car, it was not unusual for me to be driving along and spy something pink on top of the dash. He used to take his plate out in the car; I guess he thought that no one could see him there.

  2. The displays are beautiful. I saw a widdle wabbit in my back yard this week. Unusual as we live in a highly urban area 5 minutes from the Capital.

    Write about your problems that's good. Maybe I will try that some day. Dianne

  3. Writing about all of this is good, for sure! I am tickled to death that you would write about forgetting your teeth! I almost did that once myself and am forever horrified that someone besides the Hubs would see me without them! LOL Of course, I have a small mouth, small teeth and a small smile, most photos I always feel like I look as if I have no teeth anyway and Hubby always says that no one would notice. Ha! Lucky for you that you have G to leave you a note. Mine would never even have a clue if I left home without them....or my wallet.

    Your posts are so delightful, as are you! One more reason to dream of living in San Diego. I am not surrounded by anyone nearly as fun and inspiring as my dear friends there and the new ones I make each time I visit. And how I love breathing the fresh sea air!

    Have a great day, Mage!

  4. Getting organized may help...but forgetting your teeth...seems I always want to eat something!

  5. You are such a charmer! With or without teeth, I love you...And the stories and the photos and the joy you have every day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hurrying in the morning can lead to an "interesting" look for the day! I have found that I was wearing two different styles of black, one navy. I have forgotten to brush my is a good thing I don't have to remember to put them in each day.

  7. Can't wait to read the poem about forgetting. Just know you aren't alone in these transgressions you mention. It must give you such a sense of accomplishments and it's springtime! I feel new beginnings in my soul! Don't you?


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