March 7, 2012


”Birds,” free blown glass by Oiva Toikka at the mingei Museum.

Though only ten of us met for this first class yesterday, and only two of us brought something to read, it was like a very exciting homecoming for all of us. We were like a flock of chattering birds until our instructor gathered us in.

I arrived very wet now knowing that I need to take a separate towel for my hair. Who wants an old beach towel that's been on the locker room floor used to dry the hair. Ewwwww.....and shampoo. I forgot the shampoo and conditioner. I used their liquid hand soap to wash mine yesterday, and as I scratched my head all day I laughed at myself. Those itchies will help me remember next week...I hope.

I read the five pages on “Music in the Third Reich,” much edited since I posted it here, and page three had the most errors. How delightful to have a bunch of people who know what they are doing looking at my work. I’ll miss the eagle eye of the Thursday Poets, but I won’t miss the expensive foods at that very quiet restaurant where they now meet.

Today I will go shuffle books at the Discovery shop then come home perhaps to work a while on that Architectural piece. Dinner: Quesadillas, guacamole, salsa, and a little fake sour cream. Not at all a low fat dinner, but a fresh and healthy one.


  1. What beautiful glass birds. I wonder how they were made in different colors that were attached together.

  2. I love the birdies!!! Hope the itching stops soon!!!

  3. Your dinner sounds fab! I am taking one of the staff out to Loving Hut for dinner to thank her for all she does. Another yum fest!

  4. Delicious dinner. Loved those birds they must look wonderful with light coming through them.

  5. As I often comment,....the photos....I love them. Good luck with the writing group...sounds like you have found a great place to renew your spirit.

  6. Such a fun life you are having. The glass birdies are swell. I love glass and glass museums. Dianne


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