March 16, 2012


After my workout under grey skies, I worked hard on another architecture piece. Really did a no-no on my books. Any that were terribly stained by the mold, I hit up with Clorox wipes. They were already ruined. Many look much better. Then Grumpy and I ran out and got a little meat to go with the leftovers The beans got sautéed with a little garlic and olive oil to perk them up. Delicious.

Today it’s swim, the Discovery Shop and books, and dodge real rain drops. G’s hoping to get everything done before the deluge, and I hope so. We will get enough of it by being out in it all evening at a meeting then later maybe with coffee and friends.


  1. Rain and coffee with friends sounds perfect.

  2. I used to enjoy the coffee at the meeting after the meeting.

    Hope your hotel has a pool. Dianne

  3. Do you love this writing on architecture? Or is it more of a decision to exercise your writing skills, and if the second how do you keep the dedication going here?

  4. Whoa, I am impressed that you came from such good stock. Great DNA in your genes!! Glad that you have carried the interest. Is the women in architecture enough info for a future book?

  5. Wow! This is really an amazing photo! Beautifully done!


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