March 23, 2012


My corner of the living room. Bee’s chair. G’s grandmother’s rocker. G’s grandpa’s chest, Duck’s lamp. Other people’s lives make up ours.

Wednesday was a day I’d rather forget. Not only was life confused, I did it. Bottom line was that I went off to work wearing my house slippers. Went home and got shoes. Was able to laugh…that’s good. Then I went in for a long scheduled doctor’s visit and dithered. Since I talked so much, I had to follow up on things with phone calls to get them going. We both forgot importance’s in the barrage of conversation.

Yesterday I took my life in my hands and worked a few control issues out through housekeeping. Housekeeping means phone calls. I hate the phone. Thanks for working with me at the meeting. It’s a joy to know you, and I am so sorry your boss changed your hours but glad you have a job. That sort of thing. To Lessa. What time are we meeting you Saturday. Today’s Zoe’s birthday sleepover and party. Most important for us was the need for ribbons on the packages and a card. Gotta have a card. Massive numbers of calls got a lot of stuff taken care of.

So yesterday I also tidied every room. The house looks much better. I even found a bag of books to take with me to work. No matter the author, if it is a badly written book, out it goes. Out went dust. Out went grime…the stair rails were wiped, door handles wiped, face plates wiped down….oh, the heroics. I hung two pictures….which will make for easier dusting, and I contemplated simplifying the decorators busy “art wall” in the bedroom. Too much art makes for cacophony.

The shot I got at the doc’s in my knee really helped. Once again, I’m reminded how sports folks can so easily get addicted to steroids. I was fifty again for a day. No Aleve the doc said. Tylenol doesn’t do anything, so I take Aleve one day a week. She understood. I will be getting a handicapped placard for those days I can’t walk at all. I’m the best weather vane you know, I told her.

Then, I must confess, I went to ABE books and bought a bunch of $1.00 Dorothy Gilman books that I don’t have. She wrote beautifully written and crafted light adventures. When nothing will move, I like light. She is important.

More of other peoples things. Grandma’s bookcase. Duck’s table. Gimpa’s lamp. I found the WPA era, Peterson silk screen on sale for a buck. Other peoples things make our lives a whole.


  1. How lovely that our lives are composed by the memories and treasures of what we share with others. Lovely.

  2. That room is beautifully appointed! And don't worry about the slippers thing -- worry about the big stuff -- like whether or not you remembered to wear underwear!

    I'm getting rid of a boatload of hardbacks -- just looks too cluttered -- lots of Patricia Cornwell and Fannie Flagg. Wish your shop was closer.

    And do I EVER understand about the knee!

  3. That room looks so comfortable! I could live there. Oh, wait, that's yours! I'll have to find one of my own. 8)

  4. What a soothing environment you inhabit! That's a great table too, with the leaves and chairs, right next to the books, heaven.

  5. You do put everything together so well. My house is composed of other's things but never seems as neat. My garden shoes near the patio door, my opened magazines on the sofa, leftover wood near the fireplace although weather is too warm for more fires, my master gardner books piled on a crowded shelf, etc.!! Help.

  6. Love your house pictures. Loved more your reminder of how important other people's things are in our lives. Thanks.

  7. Your home really does look lovely. Very nice and pleasing to look at.

  8. I love your treasures!!!!! And yeah, I gotta finish the Patricia Cornwell and read something less gritty -- prolly a Dick Francis or maybe a Joan Hess.

  9. The Peterson silk screen is the picture on the wall? It's great! And looks right at home there.

  10. I often wonder what will happen to Mum's things and Gran's things when I'm gone. I think I'm the only one left to whom they mean anything and the young have different tastes. I probably should start clearing out now.


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