March 5, 2012


A moment in the Sculpture Garden, 2012.

It was one of those glorious, sunny weekends where the sky seems bluer than blue, and the world was a perfect place.

After not getting Comic Con tickets, I went with G when he went the park to work. As he chased children off cars, I took the tram up to the Art Museum. The show of the dyed silk obis and kimonos was magical, and tho the mid eastern art was very well displayed, I was only interested in the fabrics and tiles. Still, it was awfully good to be able to get out of myself and see these wonderful things.

I snatched an Art Museum brownie and some photographs in the sculpture garden before heading across the street to the Mingei, a museum of crafts and folk arts. Today there was magical California arts and crafts from the 40’s through the 60’s. Marvelous and invigorating pieces by a huge range of artists from potters to architects, from weavers to enamellists that included lots of local artists many I knew. My legs were starting to give out, but I still did a quick walk through of the Crafts of Finland from the same period upstairs before calling it a day and catching the tram back to the car.
Things like that wake my brains up.

I devolved into my books with a diet coke in my shady but warm car. Perhaps I dozed. Sunday there was a doze or two after breakfast with our friends, but I was still creatively invigorated. I reedited the piece on fascist music and worked my way through to page 3 of five with my architectural comparison essay.

Long ago I found I needed some form of outside stimulus to motivate me. Often I work well in a class setting when pressured to accomplish something. With the refunding and reopening of the writer’s workshop on Tuesday, I’m truly enthused once again.


  1. I am delighted the project was funded again. You have such a gift, Mage. Blessings on your head for sharing it.

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm happy for you!!!

    I've been fighting with Blogger for an hour and finally got here!! Needless to say the air at my house has turned blue!

  3. How wonderful being where you can visit all those wonderful places.
    The glorious advantage of a large urban area. My vacation this year will be back in big city where I can visit those places until my legs give out and then find coffee and a chair somewhere.

  4. I need an outside force to invigorate me too. Our Sculpture Garden is quite nice (Hirshhorn). Dianne

  5. As much as I find peace living in the country I do envy you your closeness to such a wonderful city in such a nice climate. At least you share!

  6. My sister is there in your area, I hope she is enjoying it! I would love to see that sculpture garden.

  7. So much fun when something sparks a return to creativity!

  8. looks so sunny and green there! we're still in grey!
    ah! an art exhibit--that would do me quite some good, too! good idea! xoxo smiles!

  9. I need occasional outside stimulus to keep my creative energy flowing too. That's why you see me here less and less (but I always keep up at least one/two days a week), and I've joined a writing group too, if only we can learn to organize ourselves and quit socializing so much! You wouldn't have any tips, would you?!


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