March 4, 2012

A Noisey Start

There are those mornings that, despite hopes for a quiet day, those hopes fly away with a great crash. Not everyone starts the day with a wreck on their front lawn. Totaled, said my expert. The one he hit that pulled out in front of him, is almost totaled. Or maybe it is.

I had to shower.

While I got clean, the neighbors chatted. G took pictures, and I missed all the fun.

No one was hurt, but the poor guy that hit the girl in red walked down the hill all alone. I hated to see that. The tow truck took both wrecks away.

G and I went over to Perry’s Breakfast CafĂ© to munch and talk with old friends. Nothing could be better.


  1. Good news that both were able to walk away. Totaled...wonder if that will affect their insurance? I am always the practical one.

  2. What a start to your day. That sound that accompanies cars smacking each other is unforgettable. I'm also glad they ended up on their feet, although sometimes the next day is not good.

  3. Yow! I hate to see that happen! I passed a 4-car pile-up on the 163 on Thursday morning. Looked pretty nocky too. Sad.

  4. Can't have been the visibility at fault - it looks as clear as day.
    So shocking to hear that awful sound but thank goodness no-one was hurt.


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