March 8, 2012

Single Minded

Above: Enameled sculpture and doors at the Mingei Museum.

Single mindedly today, I’m going to finish the first rough draft of the 1940’s architecture piece. The temperature in the forties now with no clouds to be seen. By later today, the weather will be perfect and in the 70’s. Instead of playing in the sun, I shall just whip through the last section of the piece.

Get it down. Lay my ideas out so I can see them. Kapow. Placing words on a page is much like levering a piece of sculpture around or working on a really big mural. Lever it up, place something, push here, step back and look there.

Dinner is going to be leftovers. Frozen. That’ll help keep the day focused. All I will have to do is thaw the pea soup for me and the chicken casserole for him.

Just today, life is awfully good.


  1. A good plan, a good mind, a good day!

  2. It was 55 when I opened my door this morning at 4:30 before the sun!

  3. I love being involved in a project. Feel that way now with my paper on censorship, reproduction, etc. during the Gilded Age.

  4. Yes...your dedication and creativity inspire me as well. Sort of. Since I'll probably take a nap, my failure to act on inspiration will probably lead to guilt. So I'll probably eat a bowl of ice cream before the nap.

  5. I'm glad for you!!! Love the art!!!!!

  6. So happy you are having such a good day. May you have many more of them.

  7. and as Annie Lamont said, you have to start with that shitty first draft. How many drafts does this make? I agree, it's a lot of sculpturing as you trim and expand the piece. What I haven't quite learned to do, however, is figure out when to stop editing!


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