March 1, 2012

Still Phished

We are being phished. A condo in our building was foreclosed on, and ever since that moment we have been phished.

“If your home is in foreclosure….”


“Thank you for coming by our office…”

We didn’t.

“Since your home has been foreclosed on….”

It hasn’t.
That one scared me.

No. No. No, I even went up to the bank and asked about the status of our loan. It’s fine. The loan officer said that we are being phished. The pfolks who call give us a number, but often there’s no answer or there’s only an answering machine giving no company name.

The Geezer says it best.

Good news, tho we were not accepted as volunteers for Comic Con, they did communicate. We have now reached the “click on this link” stage. Saturday….one of us will stay home and click on the link at 8am in hopes of getting tickets sometime during the day.

Tonight I will make sure we are on the Do-Not-Call list to get rid of the phishers while I add to my architecture essay.


  1. A phishing story, only you're the ones who got away. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the warning. I've heard that this goes on in Hawaii too.

  3. I empathize. I get the ones who wanna lower the rates on my credit cards . . . and I don't have any credit cards. AND I don't want any of the damned things.

  4. I got us on the DNC list and it helps. Given this is election year that should be a big help. I love the Agapanthus and Nandina at the foot of your stairs. Dianne

  5. Those calls are scary. Phish -- that's a new word for me.

  6. We just contacted the cell phone do-not-call numbers online. Hope it works for us.
    Good luck on avoiding the phishing. I read if you get a call, you should hit the #### button several times and it messes up their automatic dialing system.

  7. G's funny! and effective, too! A man of few words. Maybe like John Wayne? Good luck with that don't call register. We're there and still we get text messages (which we have to pay for) from advertisers. There oughta be a law! (?Is there one already that I don't know about?)

  8. Phising is new to me - and I hope it stays that way:)

  9. argh! i wish they would not harass you! It's not phishing; it's harassing!


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