April 11, 2012

By the Bay

The streets shine silver with rain this morning.  I like that.  Showers all day, they say, and high winds inland. 

One daughter-in-law* is returning from back east today from a son’s wedding.  She likes the new daughter-in-law and says she’s proud of the newly changed son.  (The old one was a bit choice.)  She will be coming home to the high winds and drive home in the rain over the mountains.  So I worry a bit.

Then again, the Geezer will be out in the rain and wind all day.  His bosses seem to be giving him a lighter load this week, and they have moved his training date for the new job to the middle of next week.  He has three days on the road this week and two days next week. 

I read yesterday.  I didn’t have a strong grasp on my thesis so the essay was a bit confusing, muddled.  Perhaps I didn’t have the passion for the subject that I needed.  I was going to discuss achievements, but instead discussed how even today it is hard to become accepted as an architect in a male dominated job.

Too much dinner out by the bay in stunning sunshine framed with high flying clouds….without a camera.     

*  These lovely women and men that adopted my grandchildren are not really daughter’s-in-law or son’s-in-law but what else to call them.  Just as the Geezer is not really Lessa’s father, she calls him dad.  He welcomed all of the fleet of grandkids, and those who know him love him.  They have become his and are now ours. 


  1. Geezer is a treasure. And so are you!

  2. Sounds like life is progressing along in a good way for you. So glad you have the Geezer in your life.

  3. Good stuff!!!! Glad to see you and the Geezer are doing well!!!!!

  4. Another beautiful rose and a wonderful piece about thoughts....

  5. Oh yes, I know about adoptions. Connie calls David her "Sober Dad", and he has been a 'grandfather' to her girls.

    It always hurts when they move so far away that seeing them is no longer a matter of stopping by for a quick visit. Connie has forgiven me for whatever she found annoying about me in January, but now she thinks I am angry with her because I am parsimonious in my comments. Games, I hate games.

    At least your world seems to be treating you kindly.Keep you chin up with the thesis. We are nearly there. Congratulations.


  6. Those roses are gorgeous, and the Geezer is wonderful. A great treasure.

  7. I've read and heard that in photographs and children, the closer you hone in on the subject the better the picture. I'd add your roses to the list. This one is particularly stunning. Furthermore, families are what you make of them--the rest is just biology.


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