April 16, 2012


  • Spring is here along the coast, and that means fields of daisy’s.  We have them by the acre.  They line the roads, they cover all the empty lands near the water, and they delight they eye.  Only yesterday did they begin to cover more acreage, and I shot only a small bit of what I could see.  We spent a truly leisurely morning after pancakes at Perry’s Breakfast House, catching daisy’s around Fiesta Island and hunting for a new lamp for G’s side of the desk.

  • It’s an exciting day today for G.  Anticipation be us.  Wednesday he begins his new job with a commute to Carlsbad to meet all the other new Auditors.  Somewhere along here, his car Myrtle, will go have a few really important things done to her.  It’s not that we don’t have the money, it’s that she get’s 41 mpg and Grumpy get’s 17.  We are both nervous about this, but I know it will all work out fine.  The funniest thing about all this is that he will be in charge of the cases from the insurance company that he worked with at his last company.  They left that company to do things themselves.  Right.

  • It’s my morning for catching up with you all and talking with Bee too.  Later menu planning and grocery shopping…and gas.

  • My Blog roll reading list had gotten truly unwieldy, and I deleted a few.  All of a sudden, my notes diminished to one third of what they were a month ago.  Over on Blogger, I have more notes.   I have stats on Blogger, but no idea who reads what here as the stat program interfered with my photos.  Just for today I shall keep on keeping on….once I get some gas in Grumpy.  Whatever happens, life is good.


  1. The waxing and waning of comments and notes....a curious thing. I blame spring.

  2. Love the daisies -- they are happy flowers and always make me smile!!!!

    I'll never figure out what makes people comment. My blog roll is pretty unwieldy, too. Still, I try to comment on 99% of the blogs on my far too long list who post whether they visit me or not.

    May be I should re-think that.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics of daisies. My readers and I thought the pics of mums I posted were of daisies, instead. However, I notice daisies have different shaped leaves. So my pics are of chrysanthemums, indeed.

  4. Mark it up to spring fever, or in my case hay fever. I would love to just lie in that sand amongst the daisies, beautiful.

  5. I still say nothing has reduced the reading of blogs more than FB, which isn't nearly as much fun.

    Just for the record, even if I don't comment, I read you every day. (Unless you don't post.)

  6. Hi there, Happy to see you didn't delete me. I think what we will do is not go anywhere this year. David is afraid for health reasons and I don't feel like forcing him into taking a trip in which he will make both of us miserable. Meanwhile, if we meet up with you in October you can tell him all about crusing and how wonderful it is.

    This year I am flying to San Diego to visit my son and his family. I am looking at weekend of Oct. 4. Approximately when will you be here in DC?

    You can send me an email backchannel to nacodoches@aol.com

  7. I'm having conflicting feelings about the comment thing. On the one hand, I'd prefer a reader comment only if he/she feels moved to do so. The blogs I read regularly--not always every day but once of twice a week, and all of them--I'm moved to "speak" as if I were there with the writer visiting as it were. That's the kind of response I prefer actually, not comments in order to keep me visiting and commenting. That said, I know I have many readers who never say a thing and that's okay, but I admit I respond more readily to those I feel a rapport with. That rapport comes from getting to know my reader through their responses to what I share. Does that make sense?

  8. Love those daisy photos. Beautiful. Good luck to you and the G as you begin your new adventure with G's employment.

  9. beautiful photos as always. Good luck to G. with the new job....interesting that he may be reviewing cases that he worked on before. I still miss my job as an insurance claims adjuster...

  10. I so love the daisies! It is so pretty.

  11. The fields are so beautiful. Always love your pics. My blog goes through the comments up and down too. It seems sporadic, and I get a lot of views, but maybe 5% of views leave a comment. I like the "like" feature, so that someone who wants to "wave" but doesn't have time to "talk" can check "like" :)

  12. What a lovely pictures and when you look/stare the pictures you feel the spring on it. Love it!!


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