April 26, 2012

Making It Work

Balboa Park: The entrance to Alcazar Gardens.

Crunch, crunch goes his cereal as he eats breakfast over his computer.  Since I go to the gym with him this week, I get to find out the little details of his life I wasn’t privy to before like “Crunch, crunch.”

It’s nice. 

He wear’s sweats all day as he works.  Comfort first.  Today I will emulate him.  Marta is here to clean, and I am writing a poem.  Somehow the balance seems off.  We sit; she works.  No Yin and Yang in that.  I can’t hide from her either.  With G right here working at his computer, it isn’t right that I run away just so I can’t feel guilty. 

Alcazar Gardens.

He talks too.  Did he do that when I wasn’t here?  I’ll never know.  Every day our lives are restructured and recreated.  Dinner is now at five.  No flexibility.  Before, sometimes I would call instead of guessing what time he would be home.  Now it’s five. 

“I really don’t want to make that corn chowder tonight,” I told him.

“Ok, we will go out,” he said with a laugh.

I didn’t remind him that tomorrow will be out too because of a five forty five meeting.  We will make it work.  I laugh back.


  1. Your journal entries read as poetry. You don't even have to work at it!

  2. I love that you can each do your own thing, compromise where necessary, and still preserve your autonomy.

  3. Lovely writing. I get so many images from this. Why at 5:00? So early? Love the photos as well. I drove by that park once a long time ago. Never had time to visit.

  4. I love this new adventure in your life. You both seem to be handling it well. It adds sparkle to your relationship.

  5. A new door seems to have opened, nice to learn new things about each other.

  6. Yes, your journal entries do read like poetry. Your journey is a wonderful poem that you share with us.

  7. I was about to write the same thing as Captain Poolie. This whole post is a wonderful poem.

  8. I love the clarity of these photos. I wish mine were as clear on my blog.

  9. 'Can't add a thing here except a big DITTO to most all the previous comments.


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